Hollywood kicked off this week by melting down over former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s resignation, alternatively calling for her to be jailed or attacking White House advisor Stephen Miller as a “white nationalist.”

Nielsen resigned amid a surge in illegal immigration and chaos at the border. According to reports, President Trump told Stephen Miller that he is “in charge” of immigration policy.

Hollywood naturally melted down, blaming both Nielsen and Miller for allegedly abusing children due to policies that separate migrant parents from their children in detention centers.

John Cusack said the former DHS secretary should be jailed for “child abduction and torture.”

In another social media post, Cusack compared Nielsen to a German who was “just following orders.”

“That evil human belongs in jail with miller and trump,” he added.

Chelsea Handler chimed in, “No word yet if Kirstjen Nielsen left her job on her own will or if she was separated from her job and then locked in a cage. She should be in jail.”

“Those responsible for orchestrating or implementing the policy of separating children from their parents belong in prison #cages,” Mia Farrow said.

Others seized on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) smear that Stephen Miller is a “white nationalist.”

Rob Delenay expressed affection for the Minnesota Democrat Tuesday morning.

Director Morgan J. Freeman went in for the kill, comparing Miller, who is Jewish, to Adolf Hitler.

“We are witnessing the deliberate reincarnation of Adolf Hitler right before our eyes in Stephen Miller, who will stop at nothing to preserve some BS pure white bloodline,” Freeman said. “We should be very scared, and must stop Trump from empowering this evil & hatful man.”

Big Bang Theory producer Bill Prady also ran cover for Omar, saying that even though Miller is Jewish, he can still be called a “white nationalist.”

“People confused as to how Stephen Miller, a Jew, can be a white nationalist—a group that traditionally hates Jews—might consider other examples of self-loathing. For example, think about homophobic gay man Roy Cohn or Starkist spokesfish and canned tuna advocate Charlie.”

Finally, Star Trek actor George Takei ominously panicked, saying that America “can expect the horrors to come to be far worse.”

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