Turning Point USA founder and Executive Director Charlie Kirk hosted SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily on Wednesday morning, in which he interviewed the organization’s Communications Director Candace Owens, who had testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee on hate crimes and white nationalism on Tuesday. Owens offered her remarks about her experience at the hearing, in which she noted that Democrats had put on the “ultimate display of cowardice” at the committee hearing.

“I loved the part where congressman Ted Lieu tried to make you look bad and played a clip of you— which was heavily edited by the way — and then did not give you a chance to respond,” said Charlie Kirk to Candace Owens, as they talked about Tuesday’s congressional hearing and the behavior displayed by the Democrat politicians on the committee.

“An ultimate act of cowardice,” responded Owens, giving her take on one particular moment from the hearing, “The idea that he tried to create a narrative and just think that his constituents, that the American people are so stupid, that they are not going to go pursue the full context of what we were talking about.”

“And instead, [Lieu] tries to pretend like I jumped on a stage one day and launched into a defense of a homicidal maniac who murdered six million Jews,” continued Owens, “It was disgusting, but it did him a great disservice, because, let me tell you — [people] realize now — the length that they’re willing to go to smear anybody, especially a black conservative.”

“And it’s really interesting,” added Kirk, “Ted Lieu not giving you a chance to respond? How fitting. It’s the ‘guilty until proven innocent,’ right? No cross-examination, no capacity to defend yourself — it would be one thing if he played that, and then he would say, ‘Ms. Owens, what would you like to say about that?’ Instead, he plays the clip and then he just moves on.”

Kirk then recalled the moment that followed, which ended up creating one of the many viral moments shared and viewed by millions on the internet.

And then, my favorite part is that one of the Republican congressmen — God bless him — who gave you his time, right? He’s like, ‘Ms. Owens, I think you should be allowed to respond to this.’ And then, I’m paraphrasing here, but you said something along the lines of, ‘Ted Lieu thinks black people are stupid,’ and then congressman Nadler, who just woke up from his nap, says, ‘the witness will not call another member of the committee stupid,’ and you didn’t say that. You actually said he thinks other people are stupid, and then, the greatest moment of the whole hearing, is Nadler just kind of shrugs.

“Yeah, and it’s funny — suddenly [Rep. Nadler] got all gavel happy,” laughed Owens, as she recalled the instance, “He just wanted to say something to me, because I had earlier said to him that he exhibits anti-black bias.”

Owens then went on to talk about another congressman, Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), who had also acted unprofessionally by calling her “despicable,” and then left the hearing.

“Of course, after he calls me despicable, he leaves,” said Owens, “He doesn’t give me a chance to respond — because they’re all cowards — they say that they want to lift up minority voices, not mine. They say that the want to ‘hashtag believe women,’ apparently not me. People need to realize that.”

“They don’t care about Jewish people,” continued Owens, “They say that they care about antisemitism and that they’re allies with Israel, well — why would you ever make a mockery of what [Jews] lived through by trying to pretend, or create a narrative about me, a black woman, that flew eighteen hours — for the [Jerusalem] embassy opening, that none of them attended?”

Owens then talked about why she believes the fear-mongering perpetrated by the Democrats is a “preview” to the narrative that she expects the Democrat Party will push during the 2020 election.

“This is the Democrat 2020 preview, this is all they’ve got now,” affirmed Owens, “They tried the Russian collusion thing, they tried saying our president was a racist, look what he’s done for black America. What else are they going to do? Drum up more fear. They’re going to take this as far as they can possibly go.”

“We just watched for two years, the entire Russia collusion hoax just fell apart,” stated Owens, “and these guys — they’re changing and looking at a new narrative — white nationalism, white supremacy. I have to say, just looking at them [at Tuesday’s hearing], they just all seemed so pathetic to me.”

Kirk had also noted a moment during the testimony in which Owens spoke about the “all-white” Antifa gang that had harassed Kirk and Owens out of a breakfast establishment in Philadelphia last August, and about how the mainstream media had remained silent on the incident.

“I wanted to show that in this committee,” said Owens, “that there’s this tremendous double standard, and the reason that this double standard exists is because they don’t care about race. Democrats don’t care about black people, we’re just pawns in a game for them to gain political power for themselves.”

Kirk ended the radio interview by expressing his sentiments about what he believes is next for Owens.

“I honestly believe you are a harbinger revolutionary,” said Kirk to Owens, “you are at the beginning stages of what’s going to be one of the greatest political realignments in American history, where black people no longer have to be Democrats — you are breaking this ridiculous backwards leftist programming.”

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