Chief researcher Jason Buttrill joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Monday to talk about an extraordinary document he accidentally discovered while doing research for a book about socialism.

“We found a ‘blueprint’ for how to take over a country,” Jason explained. “[How to] do it legally within the range of their own system, within the range of their own Constitution, Congress, everything, and take over their country.”

The discovered document dates back to the late 1940s and, according to Jason, gives a step-by step breakdown on how to take over a free market republic and flip it to socialism then to communism.

“There were about five different steps that they needed to pull off … and by the end of it they would have completely flipped a country from a capitalist democracy to full-on socialism to communism,” Jason explained. He noted that as he read through the document he realized that several of the steps are already happening or have happened in America.

Glenn added the “frightening” document specifies a time frame of only three years.

“Something’s happening, something’s wrong, and it’s happening faster and faster, and getting crazier and crazier. That’s what this blueprint describes, and shows how it’s done,” Glenn said. “And it’s all being done to us right now.

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Catch more of the conversation in the video below:

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