A young would-be criminal learned a hard lesson after confronting and threatening a man who turned out to be a military combat veteran.

What are the details?

According to a video shared by Popular Military, which is believed to have been filmed in 2017, a young man can be seen shouting at shoppers outside a store. The young man goes on to approach several people while yelling and gesturing with his hands. After the attacker approached one of the shoppers at his vehicle, the veteran can be seen storming over and grabbing a hold of the young man.

The outlet reported that the crook was demanding that people fork over money. When the veteran refused, the young man purportedly said, “I know you got some money, white boy.”

The confrontation then turned physical, and the young man went on to make threats against the vet’s life, the outlet reported.

Completely unafraid, the vet grabbed the attacker by the shirt, put him in a tight hold, and pinned him against the nearby building facade. The vet can be seen pulling out a Taser gun and threatening the younger man with it.

“You think this is a game?” the vet demanded. “When you say you’re gonna kill somebody, you kill ’em!”

The unnamed vet went on to explain that he carries a Taser with him for this very reason of “motherf*****s” trying to make threats — so that the vet doesn’t have to “pull out a gun and shoot [them] in the motherf****** head.”

“I served this country,” the vet continued. “I had brothers f****** die.”

The vet can be seen backing off as the attacker appears to calm down. Approaching sirens can be heard in the background as the attacker walks away.

(Content warning: rough language)

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