On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr., infuriated, tweeted that Instagram deleted a photo posted by a Iraq War veteran and apparent Trump supporter that showed him together with Trump Jr. at an NRA event. Trump Jr. wrote, “If @instagram can censor this great American hero for simply posting a picture with me, who won’t they censor? The bias has to stop. It’s gone too far.”

Trump Jr. posted the photo on his own Instagram account, and expounded more fully on the situation:

INSTAGRAM IS AT IT AGAIN WITH THEIR BIAS DELETING POSTS. Time time the deleted my friend @crispy11b’s post that was simply a post of him and I catching up at the NRA show. There was nothing harsh or political in there and as usual it magically somehow “violated @Instagramstandards”, presumably because I’m in it and that’s too much for the social media gods in California. Omar aka Crispy is a vet severely wounded in conflict who has undergone I believe over 100 surgeries to fix the damage done. He’s been a vocal supporter of other wounded vets and an inspiration to so many because despite everything he manages to live his life to the fullest. His adventures often documented right here are amazing and I’ve never once seen anything but an incredible attitude towards life despite the obvious difficulties. This man is amazing and he should not be censored, in fact we would be better off as a nation with many more with his attitude, demeanor, and patriotism. I suggest you give him a follow. The bullshit has to stop. If Instagram can censor a hero like this who the hell won’t they suppress??? #america #hero#censorship

Beneath Trump Jr.’s post, Omar “Crispy” Avila, a retired Army sergeant, Purple Heart recipient, Combat Infantry Badge Recipient, and Paralympic record holder, added, “Can’t stop, won’t stop. # make instagram great again. Thank you.”

On Instagram, Avila posted, “I honestly don’t know why this picture was taken down by Instagram … Not sure what guidelines it violates. But here we go again … thank you @donaldtrumpjr for always taking time out your busy schedule to say hello #maga#trump2020#trump.”

While serving in Iraq in 2007, Avila was in Iraq when his vehicle was struck with a 200 lb. IED resulting in burns over 75% of his body and his right leg had to be amputated below the knee. Avila later became the world record-holder for the bench and deadlift in the Paralympics category.

Avila recalled that while he was in Iraq he learned not to trust anyone, saying, “there was a time when we were there and these Iraqis were putting bombs and were sending them. For the most part, we did try to win the hearts and minds of people; we came in with food … giving the kids school supplies, everything that we could help out like we always try to do, but we started hearing around our sector that these kids were coming up to the American troops and acting like they were going to get something from us and then all of a sudden they were blowing up. What would happen is that the insurgents were putting bombs on these kids, make them walk out there and then they would detonate them from a house.”

Speaking of his work with children who have been burned, Avila said, “I found my calling, I need to share my message with everybody that’s been burned, and especially kids because my incident happened when I was 21 years old. I lived the American dream, I guess you could say, because I played sports, I had great things I wanted to do and accomplish; I was injured as an adult so I was okay with it and I was able to cope with it but these kids have to grow up that way and I hate to say it but we have some kids out there that are just mean, they’re bullies, and they’re going to take it out on them just because they’re different, so I kind of want to be there for them as a mentor, as somebody they can call when they really don’t want to open up to their parents.”

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