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Recently, I came across a fascinating product that I think you should be aware of if you value your privacy and data control. Imagine a external hard drive, but also so much more. Anyways the reason I felt it was important to mention for Daily Dealer readers is because right now if you subscribe to the email list for this kickstarter project, you can get up to a 50 percent discount on this product when it is released…which is huge. Honestly one of the best deals I’ve actually heard of: just subscribing to news updates with your email gets you this revolutionary product potentially half off.

This stackable data storage unit may look like a mono-colored Rubiks cube, but it may be the data storage solution of the future (Photo via Kickstarter)

This stackable data storage unit may look like a mono-colored Rubiks cube, but it may be the data storage solution of the future (Photo via Kickstarter)

To subscribe to Ubbey’s NEXT Decentralized modular data cube for a new internet and get up to 50% when the product is released, click here

If instead you want more information on this product before deciding whether it’s something you want (as the technical specs even confuse me),  I’ve included the press release below for your reading pleasure:


News Provided by

Ubbey Tech, Ltd.

Apr.15, 2019

San Mateo, CA, April 15, 2019

Today Ubbey Tech unveils a new product, Ubbey NEXT. Ubbey NEXT is the first decentralized modular intelligent data storage solution; stackable and secure, smart and distributed. Ideal for everyday users and experts alike, it’s designed for anyone to keep their data safe and manage conveniently. Ubbey NEXT aims to change the way people interact with their data today, resulting in true data ownership and AI-powered p2p sharing with incentives.

With the rapid development of internet, the explosive growth of demands for data storage has never been seen before. The data stored in your phone or computer can be lost any time, but if you choose a public cloud storage such as Dropbox or iCloud, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee and face the risk of data breach. Ubbey NEXT requires no monthly fee and employs advanced encryption and decentralization technologies to protect users’ data privacy both locally and remotely.

Ubbey NEXT is beyond NAS (Network Attached Storage). Compared with the traditional NAS, Ubbey NEXT is much easier to set up and capable of more possibilities. The Ubbey NEXT’s team is empowered by the IDEO’s human-center design philosophy, which helped IDEO to create the first usable mouse.

Keda Che, CEO at Ubbey Tech, explains: “I believe the current model of internet is wrong. There are so many centralized digital giants. They want to control all data, even users’ personal data. Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the world wide web on a NeXT computer made by Steve Jobs.We want to follow the path of the two great pioneers and use our Ubbey NEXT to re-decentralize the internet.”

The design of Ubbey NEXT is inspired by the design of blockchain. It is built with blocks. With different stackable blocks, Ubbey NEXT can have more features. Different blocks have different names.

Ubbey N – The base module comes with 1 TB capacity. With only a base module, you can use most of Ubbey App’s features and participate into the Ubbey blockchain mining by contributing your unused storage.

Ubbey E – You can expand your base module’s storage by Ubbey E. One piece of Ubbey E contains up to 4TB capacity (1TB, 2TB, 3TB or 4TB). You can stack maximum 3 Ubbey Es on a base module. Each Ubbey E can be used as a mobile hard drive as well.

Ubbey T – Wifi module. Connect to your router wirelessly.

Ubbey X – X means infinite possibilities. For example, IP camera module let  you to remotely monitor your home or office.

All modules are connected magnetically. It is super easy to stack different modules on a base module to create a personalized Ubbey NEXT. The unused storage can either be used for mining or trading with other users. This is also a p2p storage sharing network.

We believe artificial intelligence will play a significant role in a decentralized ecosystem. We have implemented a decentralized AI to analyze your taste and recommend potential digital contents to you. Ubbey NEXT is not only a cube to secure your data, but also a tool to open the potentials of your data. You can share or trade your data with others in the Ubbey p2pdata sharing network.

Tech Specs

CPURTD1296 arm-v8 Cortex-A53  quad-core 1.4Ghz (Ubbey N)

RAM2GB DDR4 (Ubbey N)

ROM8GB (Ubbey N)

Storage1TB HDD (Ubbey N comes with 1TB, can get more space by adding Ubbey E)


Volume123*123*50 mmone block

Weight400gone block

Type-C USB port: transmission speed up to100M/S

Ubbey Appremote access, download and share digital files (supports SMB, IPFS, DLNA, Plex protocols), decentralized application store, AI-powered content recommendation and p2p downloading

Blockchain: mining by proof-of-storage consensus

Up to 100MB/s read/write speed

Hard disk encryption and RAID backup

1TB = 600 thousands HD photos/500 thousands 2M documents/35 thousands songs

About Ubbey Tech

Ubbey Tech is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Universal Labs. Ubbey Tech created the first decentralized personal cloud, Ubbey Box in 2018. The Ubbey Box has been shipped to more than 15 countries. Ubbey Tech is led by Keda Che, a serial entrepreneur in blockchain industry.  He founded his first blockchain startup Ownership Technology (Boost VC Tribe 7) back in 2015 and went to start Universal Labs, a non-profit foundation aims to develop the proof-of-storage consensus based open blockchain system. Keda was a design entrepreneur at the innovative design company IDEO. He also worked for the first blockchain research lab at Harvard University. Keda holds a master’s degree from Harvard University and he is now an adjunct professor at HIT.

PR Contact:

Ubbey Tech


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