A sports writer was surprised that a man had the audacity to wear a Make America Great Again hat in public, so she yelled at him and then tweeted about it, according to The Washington Times.

Natalie Weiner of SB Nation was attending the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival over the weekend when she saw someone wearing the red hat signifying support for President Donald Trump. So she took it upon herself to let the man know of her displeasure.

“Just yelled at a prick with the audacity to wear a f***ing make america great again hat in the middle of a jazz festival,” Weiner wrote on Twitter, according to The Washington Times. Weiner’s account is currently private.
“I don’t understand how people can be so hateful I really don’t.”

“He was walking to see Irma Thomas and he doesn’t deserve to be within a 10 mile radius of Irma Thomas,” she wrote in another post.

Weiner was quickly criticized for accusing a man who was apparently just enjoying the festival of being hateful, while she was attacking and harassing him simply for his political views.

There have been numerous stories over the past few years of people being beaten up or publicly attacked for wearing MAGA hats publicly.

This is at least partially due to a narrative by opponents of the president who have used extreme rhetoric, even comparing the hats to the hoods worn by the Ku Klux Klan.

“I think it’s similar,” said Washington Post columnist Matt Sears when asked if MAGA hats were similar to Nazi paraphernalia. “But I think a better analogy would be like finding a Ku Klux Klan hood or robe,” Sears replied. “I’ve made the comparison before. Every time I watch a documentary about the civil rights movement and all the hateful violence they faced I wonder what the white people who were doing those horrible things were thinking. What was going through their minds?”

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