Another CNN propagandist … CNN’s mid-morning anchor is Jim Sciutto, an Obama administration alumnus who never discloses that fact on-air when reporting on the Obama administration. That’s why it’s no surprise that Sciutto had one of the worst takes of the day as Venezuela’s internationally recognized interim president tried to remove the socialist usurper Nicolas Maduro. Sciutto called the actions Tuesday “an armed coup” supported by the United States.

CNN used the “coup” line all day. As events unfolded, a CNN chyron said, “Attempted coup underway in Venzuela.” But that’s not what was going on. Under the constitution of Venezuela — and has been recognized by governments around the world — Maduro is not the current president of Venezuela. He just holds most of the guns.

Sciutto’s former boss, Barack Obama, cozied up to Maduro when former dictator Hugo Chavez was on his death bed. So it’s no surprise Sciutto would continue to prop up the murderous dictatorial usurper on Wednesday.

CNN’s failing ratings … With folks like Sciutto, Brian Stelter, Don Lemon, and Chris Cuomo leading the charge, is it any wonder that CNN’s ratings are in a free fall? After pushing for more than two years that the Mueller report would lead to the destruction of Donald Trump, CNN’s ratings took a massive hit for the month in which that did not happen: The network’s ratings fell 26 percent in April compared to last year.

MSNBC’s ratings fell less than that, and Fox’s remained flat. The American people have decided to stop watching pure propaganda.

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