On Wednesday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” bestselling author Andrew Klavan reacts to a CNN Townhall question to 2020 Democratic presidential Sen. Bernie Sanders where a member of the audience asks about defending socialism. Transcript and video below.

[The questioner describes socialism as] everybody’s taken care of and it’s the community getting together to help everybody — again just not true. It’s only true if it’s done with guns. We’re talking about a principle. Who owns your life? Who owns your time? Your money is not just money. That paper doesn’t have any real value in itself except insofar as it represents your work, your investment, your risks, your responsibility.

That’s what that money is a symbol of. The government should not own that. If the government owns your money, it owns your time, it owns your work. If I have a right to healthcare and you’re a doctor, I have a right to use your service. I have a right to your service. [But] I have no right to your service. Nobody has a right to anybody else’s service. It’s just not true, and it’s the principle.

Let me read you a story from the BBC from 2011 — we’re talking eight years ago, still under Chavez. “Venezuela has brought a new gun law into effect which bans the commercial sale of firearms and ammunition. Until now, anyone with a gun permit could buy arms from a private company. Under the new law, only the army the police and certain groups like security companies will be able to buy arms from the state-owned weapons manufacturer and importer. The ban is the latest attempt by the government to improve security and cut crime ahead of elections in October.”

So as Chavez’s plan — supported by Sean Penn and Oliver Stone and Michael Moore and all the rest — was leading the country into disorder, they said, “Well, you know, we’ve got so much disorder, so much crime. We’ve got to ban guns because guns are causing the crime.” You’ve never heard that before, right?

Yeah, you’ve heard it on MSNBC. But what do you hear on MSNBC now, as they are reporting on Venezuela? MSNBC just reported that because the people have no guns, they have no power. Since Maduro has all the guns, he has all the power. And you think to yourself, gee if only they had a constitution that said people had a right to bear arms so they could form militias in case, you know, the government goes bad? But of course, that would never happen here because our government is filled with such wise, just, freedom-loving people, such as Alexandria Occasional-Cortex.

There is nothing benign about the attempts to take guns away because, again, it’s the principle. You can have socialism without trucks running people over if, for instance, you introduce it to countries like in Europe where basically you have aged out of freedom, [people there have] basically gotten tired of being free. They just want to be taken care of. They want to be taken care of by the United States that protects them, that gives them the medicines that they want, and they don’t understand. You never understand with socialism that you are selling your future. You’re selling your future. You hear Bernie Sanders talking about the corporations this and the corporations that.

Well, the corporations give you your iPhones. Corporations give you your computers, your cars… all those things that you love come from the corporations. Corporations can get too powerful– any power center needs to be controlled. That’s true.

But it’s corporations that give you all these good things and when you take their profits away– when you say “no, your profits are ours to redistribute”, you take away the inspiration, the desire, and motivation to keep creating things. And so, you don’t know what you won’t have. You don’t know about the pills for your dementia that won’t be there when you get old. You won’t know about that because they just won’t be there. It won’t occur to you “oh if we hadn’t had socialism somebody would have invented that to make some money”, y’know? You won’t know about the invisible computer that would have gone in your ear and given you all the information in the world right to your brain. You won’t know about that because it simply won’t exist. Socialism takes your future away and you need guns to keep it from happening because if the government can get more power, it will.

I just want to end this by talking about the fact that you haven’t heard a word from Bernie Sanders about Venezuela and you haven’t heard a word from AOC because they know… they know… the principle is at stake. They know that the principles are at stake.

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