Rush Limbaugh provided some “off-the-cuff reaction” to the explosive congressional hearing with Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday and particularly drew attention to an exchange about which Rush exclaimed, “I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Limbaugh started the segment by introducing a clip of Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono’s “questioning” of Barr that began not with any questions, but rather, as he put it, an explosion of “vicious, unrestrained, pure, raw hatred” and “slander.”

Mr. Barr, now the American people know that you are no different from Rudy Giuliani or Kellyanne Conway, or any of the other people that sacrificed their once decent reputation for the grifter and liar who sits in the Oval Office,” the Hawaii senator began in what turned out to be a lengthy series of partisan accusations against Barr.

“[Y]ou’ve chosen to be the president’s lawyer and side with him over the interests of the American people,” Hirono alleged. “To start with, you should never have been involved in supervising the Robert Mueller investigation. You wrote a 19-page, unsolicited memo — which you admit was not based on any facts — attacking the premise of half of the investigation. And you also should have insisted that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recuse himself. He wasn’t just a witness to some of the president’s obstructive behavior. We now know he was in frequent personal contact with the president, a subject of the investigation.”

“Then, once the report was delivered by the special counsel, you delayed its release for more than two weeks,” she declared. “You let the president’s personal lawyers look at it before you even deigned to let Congress or the public see it. During the time you substituted your own political judgment for the special counsel’s legal conclusions in a four-page letter to Congress. And now we know — thanks to a free press — that Mr. Mueller wrote you a letter objecting to your so-called summary. When you called Mueller to discuss this letter, the reports are that he thought your summary was giving the press, Congress, and the public a misleading impression of his work.”

“And that’s not all of it,” said Limbaugh. “She continued and told him that he should resign, that he is a disgrace … If you remember during the Kavanaugh hearings, she is the woman who said that what men need to start doing is just ‘shut up,’ just shut up and go away, just get out of everything. This is an example of the poisonous hatred that has taken over the Democrat Party and the American left. She’s no different than an anonymous tweeter or blogger issuing comments.”

“Here is a United States senator plumbing the depths of disgrace with her own words,” said Limbaugh, adding: “Her mission during these hearings has been to kill Barr professionally, and his integrity. But the bottom line is that after all of this, nothing has changing. There still is and was no collusion between Trump and Russia.”

Not only is she spewing “poisonous hatred” like an online troll, said Limbaugh, she’s got her facts wrong. “She is ignorant, a liar, mischaracterizing what Barr’s work has been, mischaracterizing and slandering his honor and his integrity, when he has done nothing even close to what she has alleged,” he said. “He didn’t change anything in the Mueller report. … Robert Mueller has never expressed any dissatisfaction with Barr’s substantive summary of what the Mueller report says, and we’ve all read it now. We all have read the report. The report clearly says there was no collusion, and Mueller would not come to an opinion on obstruction.”

A report by The Washington Post Tuesday revealed that while Mueller wrote a letter expressing concern about how Barr’s summary of the report’s conclusions was being portrayed by the media, the special counsel told Barr in a follow-up conversation that he did not think Barr’s summary was “inaccurate or misleading.”

“I maintain that Mazie Hirono today and the other Democrats are exactly what Robert Mueller wanted,” Rush said. “This is exactly what he and his team wanted to happen. This is why they wrote a 488-page report that could have been written in two pages.”

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