On Wednesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed DePaul University Professor Jason Hill after the faculty of the university had cravenly capitulated to thousands of students demanding that Hill be censured for an article he had written for The Federalist titled, “The Moral Case For Israel Annexing The West Bank — And Beyond.” The faculty condemned the article as “an abuse of academic freedom.” Hill fired back, “I’m a conservative independent who speaks his mind very clearly and will not be silenced.”

According to Fox News, “Hill has faced death threats since the article’s publication and said he needs security to get around campus.”

Carlson started by pointing out, “You can agree or disagree, but at the college where he works, the faculty were so offended by it that they launched a campaign to destroy him. Thousands of students signed a letter calling on the school to censure him and tonight the faculty voted to condemn his article as ‘an abuse of academic freedom.’”

Carlson turned to Hill: “So, you took a position that not everybody agrees with but it does have a fairy large constituency; it’s not an unheard-of position, and it’s certainly no crazier than what most of your colleagues are saying on a day-to-day basis. Why are you being censured for that?”

Hill answered:

Well, I’m being censured because I’ve taken a very positive, pro-Israeli stance in a very anti-Semitic culture, and on college campuses that are pushing for BDS movements and divestment against Israel. And I’m a conservative independent who speaks his mind very clearly and will not be silenced. In that article, aside from defending Israel, I made the point that Israel was the only democracy amidst a bunch of illiberal and primitive regimes that do not respect the inalienability of human rights and individual rights, and I think students took offense and individuals, faculty and people at large took offense at me defending Israel and defending my right to defend Israel’s rights to defend itself against a war that was launched against it in 1967 by Jordan.

The students have claimed that I am racist, that I am xenophobic, have called for my removal, that I am an Islamophobe, and that I am guilty of advocating ethnic cleansing and genocide, which I am not.

Carlson responded, “Well, it’s ludicrous. “ He then showed a video of the protest against Hill on DePaul’s campus and asked, “Tell us what we’re looking at.”

Hill answered, “Well, I was not there, but I think you’re looking at the Arts and Letters building in the DePaul campus in which students are calling for my removal, are calling for the president to fire me; calling for my downfall; calling for Professor Hill to be dumped; all sorts of nefarious accusations against me. I was made aware of that video only yesterday and then saw it.”

Carlson said, “We’re watching them throw paper; we’re watching them litter, which they’re good at, I noticed. Any idea what they’re throwing down from the balconies?”

Hill: They’re throwing down quotes from the article, tweets that I have made, quotes that I’ve discussed on your show. They’ve taken sections from my book, “We Have Overcome,” in which I defend Israel and defend American exceptionalism. We’ve discussed this on your show before, and they have taken some of these quotes out of context from my book and from the article and pasted them, and they’re throwing them around campus accusing me of genocide and siding with an apartheid state, which they claim Israel to be, which I most vehemently have defended Israel as not being an apartheid state.

Carlson: Hysterical, hysterical children have taken control. I guess we can only hope this moment passes soon, this revolution burns itself out soon. And we are definitely rooting for you, professor, one of the brave voices, I would say. So Godspeed and I hope you’ll come back and tell us how it goes. Good luck.

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