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According to the Tampa Bay Times Thursday, the two alleged incidents took place in April less than 30 minutes apart, involved two different women but no charges were filed in either case.

The first alleged battery started off consensual but the woman told the star freshman QB prospect for the Gators to stop once other men arrived in the room. The alleged victim claims she eventually got him off of her and left. The second allegation is a bit worse.

The Tampa Bay Times reported the following details on the second alleged incident:

That incident began around 2:30 a.m., also at the Keys Residential Complex. The second woman told police Jones kissed her neck in the kitchen before removing her jean shorts and underwear. Jones then penetrated her, according to the report, and the woman repeatedly told him to stop.

The UF student got Jones off her and got dressed before taking an Uber home, according to the documents.

A sexual battery kit was performed in both cases, but neither woman wanted to pursue charges.

According to USA Today, Jones, who was a 4* recruit coming out of high school, decided to transfer after falling on the depth chart. It’s unclear if the decision is related at all to the allegations of sexual battery.

I have no idea what team is going to touch Jones with these allegations lingering out there. This is America, and you’re innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Jones was never charged with anything, and he has the right to the presumption of innocence.

However, college football teams aren’t the court system. They don’t need convictions to tell somebody to get lost. Trust me. I’ve lived in the world of college sports. A team can dump a kid for just about any reason, and two allegations of sexual battery would be a more-than justified reason to cut a kid loose.

He might have been a 4* recruit, but I don’t see any major program touching him after he leaves the Gators. No shot in hell.

He can try the JUCO route, but I’m not even sure that would work. It’s not like he got accused of some petty garbage. He’s been accused by two different women of sexual battery in the same night!

That’s a bad look, and it ultimately won’t really matter if he’s innocent or guilty. The optics are just way too toxic.

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