Steven Crowder, host of “Louder with Crowder,” joined Glenn Beck on Friday’s radio program to update us on his ongoing battle with YouTube.

Steven explained YouTube’s “three hard strikes” policy, which can lead to a permanent ban from the platform. On Saturday, he was notified that one of his videos, a “Dr. Trump” parody, had received three strikes within the span of one week.

“We were going to have three hard strikes on my YouTube channel, which … has close to 4 million subscribers,” Steven told Glenn. “With my lawyer, we kinda negotiated that down to one hard strike. But here’s the thing … it’s a constantly changing rule game. That’s the issue here with places like YouTube. I’ve gone out and met with the executives at YouTube, so has my lawyer. We’ve sat down and asked, ‘OK, what are the rules?'”

Steven went on to note that YouTube has always maintained that they do want conservative voices on their platform but continues to flag his videos for violating ever-changing rules.

“We follow all of them [the rules] and now they’ve changed,” he said.

Glenn and Steven also talked about the recent social media platform bans of several political personalities, including
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and how the fight for free speech has to include even the most despicable voices.

“I disagree with Farrakhan on everything he stands for, but I would never dream of trying to get him banned,” Steven said.

“I despise Louis Farrakhan,” Glenn added. “He’s been saying crazy things, I think since before I was born, and we’ve all seemed to survive it. We cannot begin to ban speech. Period.”

Catch the rest of the conversation in the video below:

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