That phrase so hated by many feminists, “nasty woman,” is back in circulation again. Now, instead of Hillary Clinton taking on President Trump’s disparaging moniker, it’s Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) doing so.

According to HuffPost, President Trump referred to Kamala Harris as “nasty” in response to her questioning of Attorney General William Barr at this week’s Senate hearing regarding the Mueller report. Speaking on Fox Business Thursday, the president not only referred to Kamala Harris’ questioning as being “very nasty,” but blasted the Democrats for ranting and raving like “lunatics.”

“[T]hey’re out there ranting and raving like lunatics, frankly,” President Trump said. “You have Bill Barr, highly respected, great Attorney General and he’s got to take the abuse from people that are running for office? They don’t care about this, they’re just looking for political points.”

Of course, the Democrats have called President Trump everything in the insult lexicon, from racist to misogynist to Russian conspirator to megalomaniacal lunatic — but for him to refer to Kamala Harris as “nasty” … well, that took things too far, apparently. Alisyn Camerota of CNN characterized it as “insulting.”

“President Trump has also zeroed in on you a couple of times, particularly after yesterday,” Camerota said to Harris. “And he used another insulting word … that was the second time he used the word ‘nasty’ about you. What’s that about?”

In response, Harris simply laughed it off and turned the tables on President Trump regarding his supposed “obstruction of justice” throughout the Mueller investigation.

“We have a president of the United States whose primary interest, I think, that has been clear as a result of what we know as a result of the Mueller report, his primary interest has been to obstruct justice,” Harris told Camerota. “My primary interest is to pursue justice. You can call that whatever name you want, but I think that’s what the American people want in a leader.”

President Trump also knocked Kamala Harris’ “nasty whit” when speaking on Sean Hannity earlier this week. “I think she has got a little bit of a nasty whit but that might be it,” the president said.

The phrase “nasty woman” stoked the ire of feminists during the 2016 presidential election when Trump said of Hillary Clinton: “Such a nasty woman.”

Some feminists say the phrase stems from a misogynistic impulse to label an authoritative woman as “nasty” because she does not conform to a gender stereotype of what a woman should be.

“Nearly every woman sitting at home has experienced a version of the nasty woman moment, though probably not on national television,” Liz Plank of Vox said at the time. “Whether it was being called nasty by an ex-boyfriend or bossy at work, women immediately picked up on the insult, and knew exactly what it was like to be in Clinton’s shoes. Although much of the sexism against Clinton has been slightly implicit, her opponent, for whom subtlety is an entirely foreign concept, has made his gendered condescension toward her crystal clear.”

Many feminists immediately turned the phrase into some kind of rallying cry, selling T-shirts that read, “Proud Nasty Woman,” among other slogans.

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