In their latest sketch, comedy group Riot Act takes on beloved HBO drama “Game of Thrones” and the network’s apparent obsession with nudity, namely bare breasts.

The sketch, which was directed and written by Daily Wire writer Paul Bois, showcases an HBO exec, played by Bois, offering a single-issue critique of a dramatic pilot script: More boobs, preferably with a side of boobs.

After praising the drama, the HBO exec offers “some notes. A few minor tweaks that I think will really just sex this baby up.”

“Well, I can’t help but notice the script is lacking a substantial number of uh …” starts the exec.

“Character motivation? Suspense?” asks a screenwriter, played by “The Ellen Show” writer Adam Yenser.

“No, no, not that,” says the exec.

“People of color?” suggests the other screenwriter in on the pitch, played by Keenan Floyd.

“Boobs,” the HBO exec blurts out. “The script is lacking boobs.”

The pilot script is about Alzheimer’s disease, mind you.

“No matter what, this is powerful stuff. I’m not here to step on your vision. The script just, you know, needs a few –– Cupcakes, Wazoos, Guzungas, Bumper Bullets, Bahama Mamas. You feel me?” offers the exec, making the hand gestures you’d expect.

The sketch continues to poke fun at HBO’s nudity obsession, even featuring a revamped scene in a different HBO show enhanced by — you guessed it — a topless woman, who has no other apparent necessity in the show other than showing off her breasts.


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