More de-platforming … On Thursday, Facebook announced was de-platforming more people. Those banned includes Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, and, just to make themselves look “balanced,” Louis Farrakhan. The Washington Post initially called Farrakhan “far-right” in reporting. This is yet another chilling attack on free speech in the public square.

Despite how this is being painted as a good thing by the left and media, BlazeTV’s Lauren Chen explained why this should terrify everybody.

You read that right. Axios reported that “Facebook also said they are banning other accounts and pages associated with the individuals.” So if you have an organization that believes in free speech and invite one of the banned people to speak, you run the risk of being banned if you promote it on Facebook.

What ethics? … Once again, CNN is caught with a stunning lack of journalistic ethics. In a panel discussion regarding the bombshell that an undercover FBI operative tried to infiltrate the Trump campaign, James Comey’s former special assistant, Josh Campbell, lit into those suggesting FBI malfeasance. He did this while never disclosing his ties to Comey.

The chyron during the segment called Campbell a “former FBI supervisory special agent.” Which is true, but it didn’t say that he worked directly under James Comey during the time this investigation kicked off. During the segment, he mentioned, “I am reacting to this reporting, not based on anything I learned when I was in government.” Again this is broad and general. It is not a disclosure of his role with Comey and the FBI.

When CNN first hired Campbell, the Daily Caller took an extensive look at just how close he was to Comey. Spoiler alert: very.

You may also remember that it was Campbell who wrote an op-ed about why he was leaving the FBI – because of Trump’s attacks – that was widely celebrated by the left and media.

Campbell is a paid contributor to CNN providing “legal analysis,” most of which revolves around Trump and discredited claims of collusion with Russia. In this clip he said that undercover work was warranted because of the “suspicion” that Trump was getting help from Russia. His main goals on CNN are to run cover for the FBI and Comey, all while collecting a check from CNN.

In other words: He’s just the latest in a long line of propagandists on the network.

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