Juanita Tolliver, a black female guest on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” hit back after the show host compared working in a campaign to being enslaved.

What are the details?

Tolliver, who is campaign director for the Center of American Progress Action Fund, appeared Friday on the MSNBC show and discussed her employment history.

“You worked for politicians,” Matthews said. “Did they all insist on slavery?”

Clearly taken aback, Tolliver responded, “Come on. You are talking to a woman of color here, all right? Nothing compares to what happened to my ancestors.”

She laughed off his remarks, but Matthews went on and pushed his remarks even further.

“I’m serious — some bosses are notoriously bad to people and they do humiliate their people,” he insisted.

“[It’s] still very short of slavery,” Tolliver fired back, and answered that while there have been “bad bosses out there,” nothing can compare to “the degree of what we see in the Trump administration, where he is actually creating this web where people get entrenched in it and can’t find a way out.”

Still stuck on the slave bit, Matthews persisted and mentioned former President Lyndon B. Johnson, whom the MSNBC host said was “an awful man” who “did treat his staff like slaves.”

“The fact is, we didn’t hear about it until later,” he added.

One social media user wrote, “@msnbc What the hell? Matthews is so hard to take! I record the last few minutes of his show just before All In starts. Not any more! He is the worst with women. And this? Damn! Apologize to Juanita Tolliver @hardball! You have racial issues Chris!! You do!”

Another added, “Chris, I hope you apologized to your guest Juanita Tolliver for your ill conceived comments to a woman of color about being treated ‘like a slave.'”

Chris Matthews Ripped By His Own Panelist For Comparing Working As A Political Staffer To Slavery



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