Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, predicted an increase in Evangelical voters supporting President Donald Trump in 2020’s presidential election, joining SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday for an interview with host Matt Boyle.

“I think 83 percent of Evangelicals voted for him [in 2016], and I think in 2020 it’ll be an even higher percentage,” he explained.


Falwell Jr. went on, “Even Evangelicals were disillusioned by the moderate Republican administrations of the last few decades. They voted on social issues back in those days, and they finally realized that there was never really going to be any change on social issues, so they stopped voting on social issues, and instead now they vote on the same issues that all average Americans who supported Trump vote on: bringing jobs back to this country and fair trade deals.”

“I think it’s great what [Donald Trump] is doing on China,” continued Falwell Jr. “I admire a president willing to be able to take a hit. The economy will take a hit when he fights these trade wars, but he knows long-term that the benefit to America will be much greater than any hit we take in the short-term. We’re getting ripped off with these bad trade deals. I think Evangelicals see that.”

Falwell Jr. added, “[Evangelicals] see immigration as a big issue. They just gave up on voting on social issues because they’ve been betrayed by Republican administration after Republican administration. So they just quit, and they started voting on the same issues that working class Democrats and average Americans vote on, and it’s all the issues that Donald Trump ran on.”

Falwell Jr. mocked left-wing and partisan Democrat political marketing of Joe Biden as a “middle class” advocate.

“It really makes me laugh when Joe Biden talks about the middle class, like that’s who liberals want to help,” stated Falwell Jr. “In California, where the liberals rule, the middle class has just given up and left the state. Everybody I talk to says it’s super-rich and super-poor and the illegal aliens [who] are all that are here, anymore. It’s because of policies that are in place that the middle class can’t afford.”

Falwell Jr. went on, “President Trump is just the opposite. He’s doing everything he can to help the middle class, the average American. That’s why he got elected. That’s why Evangelicals supported him, because mostly Evangelicals are average Americans and not part of the elitist establishment. It’s just comical that there are people like Joe Biden talking about helping the middle class. I can’t even believe he has the gall to say that.”

Falwell Jr. called for prosecutions of government officials who concocted and executed surveillance of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign under the guise of what he described as the “Russian collusion hoax.”

Falwell Jr. said, “I really feel like the strategy of the left and of the establishment Republicans has been to slow-roll all of [Donald Trump’s] appointments, his judges, and trying to just cloud his presidency with this phony Russian collusion hoax, and just trying to run the clock out on him.”

“I know there’s no mechanism in the Constitution to add a couple of years to somebody’s term because that kind of behavior, but somebody needs to pay,” Falwell Jr. added, referring to his own tweet on Saturday about a “corrupt failed coup.”

“Somebody needs to be prosecuted because of [this] criminal behavior,” declared Falwell Jr. “We need to restore the confidence in our system of justice in this country after what we saw happen with [James Comey] and people at the top of the Obama Justice Department and how they exonerated [Hillary Clinton] without even interviewing her, and how they went after Donald Trump even before he got elected and then doubled down after he got elected on a phony dossier.”

“It just defies my sensibilities that something like that could happen in the United States of America,” lamented Falwell Jr. “I really hope Attorney General Barr — I really think he will — will go after the people who are responsible for this, probably the greatest scandal and abuse of power in American history. I agree with the president when he says it’s far worse than Watergate.”

Falwell Jr. criticized the status quo of professional politicians and what he said was the political “establishment.”

“We need people who’ve been successful in the private sector to be elected into public office, because they’re the only ones who really understand there is no free lunch,” remarked Falwell Jr. “Somebody has got to pay those teachers to teach in those colleges.  Somebody has to pay for the buildings. I run a college. I know how expensive it is. You’ve got to pay your bills. you’ve got to operate like a business.”

Falwell Jr. added, “If you want to see how socialism ends up, look at Venezuela. You have to give people incentive to succeed in order for them to create jobs for other people, to build an economy, and to create economic development.”

Falwell jr. concluded, “But Democrats and a lot of establishment Republicans don’t understand that because all they’ve ever done their whole lives is learn how  to say the right things to get elected, and to do the right things to stay in office, and that’s not what the Founders intended. The Founders intended for this country to be run by citizen legislators. They would come in for a few years, serve,and go back to whatever their business is. Until we get back to that, we’re going to see this idiocy continue.”

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