Florida Gov. Rick Scott set off a Twitter feud with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) when he made a joke at her expense, and she went on the attack.

Scott was mocking a gun control proposal by Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) when he made a dismissive reference to a much-ridiculed document that Ocasio-Cortez released in support of her “Green New Deal.”

“BREAKING: the latest terrible idea to come out of the Democrats’ 2020 primary is a federal gun registry,” tweeted Scott. “If you want to buy a gun, @CoryBooker wants you to register with the federal government.”

“This would be scary if Booker had any chance of becoming President,” Scott continued.

“What’s next? Will we have to register sharp knives?” Scott joked in a second tweet. “Maybe @AOC will make us register every time we buy meat as part of her #GreenNewDeal.”

Scott was apparently referencing the FAQ document where Ocasio-Cortez said that one of their goals was to reduce the number of “farting cows” to relieve global warming. She later deleted the document after it was mocked on social media.

AOC lashes out

“That a sitting US Senator can say something lacking so much critical thinking + honesty is embarrassing to the institution,” responded Ocasio-Cortez in a tweet.

“If you were a female candidate, maybe you’d be called ‘unlikeable,’ ‘crazy,’ or ‘uninformed,'” she complained. “But since you’re not, this inadequacy is accepted as normal.”

Scott fires back

“That a sitting Congresswoman doesn’t understand sarcasm would be embarrassing to the institution if you hadn’t embarrassed yours to the point of irrelevance already,” Scott responded in another tweet. “America rejects socialism and will continue to.”

Here’s a news video of AOC’s latest antics:

Ocasio-Cortez defends quality of VA health care


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