One Jane Fonda in a generation is enough; two is too much. According to The Washington Post, former “Charmed” star Alyssa Milano has transformed herself into an A-list social justice activist similar to the way that Jane Fonda did in her career.

The article, headlined “The political awakening of Alyssa Milano: Her list of small-screen credits fade against her newly carved role as an A-list social activist,” paints the former “Charmed” star as some kind of wrecking ball for leftists causes, from her protests against the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the NRA’s influence on politics.

“She was named one of ‘The Silence Breakers,’ Time’s collective Person of the Year. Outspoken and ubiquitous, Milano went into overdrive,” the Post article says of Milano. “She appeared on Capitol Hill during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, and protested in front of the White House. She visited Parkland, the border and Flint, Mich., launched an activist collective challenging the NRA’s political influence, campaigned for Democratic candidates and against Georgia’s abortion bill.”

“She’s the Jane Fonda of the current era — if Fonda hosted ‘Project Runway All Stars’ and appeared in a continuous loop of ‘Charmed’ reruns,” the article continued.

The big difference between Milano and Fonda, however, is that the latter actually possessed some serious acting pedigree as a movie star whereas the former nearly fell into obscurity before finding a Twitter handle, which she has used to push every single feminist cause, including abortion and Planned Parenthood.

As noted by Newsbusters, the article paints the effectiveness of Milano’s activism in a false light. For instance, the article praises her for protesting against Georgia’s fetal heartbeat bill, which bans abortion when a baby’s heartbeat is detected, while failing to say the bill passed the legislature in Georgia despite Milano and all of Hollywood threatening to boycott the state.

“The Post didn’t mention that Georgia passed the ‘heartbeat bill’ Milano called ‘so evil‘ — which bans abortion after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected — and Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, so Milano isn’t exactly Winning,” Tim Graham of Newsbusters rightfully pointed out. “But somehow, everything she does helps people (not counting the unborn babies).”

In an op-ed for Deadline, Alyssa Milano viciously called the heartbeat bill a “forced pregnancy bill.”

“It should instead be called a ‘forced pregnancy bill’ — because it would outlaw abortion before a woman even knows that she is pregnant,” Milano said. “It’s the most anti-woman bill of its kind in the country, and it sends the exact wrong message about the kind of state Georgia’s leaders wish to create. In short, HB 481 would make Georgia the most regressive state in the country.”

Actress Ashley Bratcher, who plays Abby Johnson in the movie “Unplanned,” fired back at Milano as a “proud Georgian” who respected her state’s decision to stand up for unborn children.

“One problem, you’re forgetting about the rights of women within the womb. If feminism is all about equal rights, then where are her rights?” Bratcher openly asked Milano.

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