Stanford University’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine have been accused of posting cartoons caricaturing Daily Wire Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro at a Passover Seder dinner saying the Jews who were enslaved in Egypt millennia ago were “terrorists” so Egypt had the right to “limit their birthrates.”

As The College Fix reports, the Stanford College Republicans claimed on Facebook that SJP placed the cartoons, drawn by the viciously anti-Israel cartoonist Eli Valley, over SCR’s posters advertising an event with Andrew Klavan of The Daily Wire:

We are not surprised that Stanford leftists have resorted to ripping down flyers advertising our upcoming event with Andrew Klavan. Leftists routinely vandalize our flyers, as they refuse to accept the right of conservatives to speak on the campus. However, this time, not only did leftists destroy our flyers, but members of Stanford Students for Justice in Palestine have been covering our posters with anti-Semitic cartoons by Israel-hating propagandist, Eli Valley, who will speak at Stanford at SJP’s invitation next Friday. These cartoons specifically attack Ben Shapiro, using vile anti-Semitic caricatures. Eli Valley and his supporters in Stanford’s SJP would make any neo-Nazi proud.

Klavan’s speech is titled, “Yes, American is a Judeo-Christian nation.”

As The College Fix noted, “The cartoons are advertising SJPs’ own May 10 event with the cartoonist who drew them, Eli Valley. “

Ari Hoffman, a student at the Stanford Law School, wrote an op-ed in The Stanford Daily in which he stated:

I had been under the mercifully mistaken impression that Der Stürmer, the Nazi newspaper edited by Joseph Goebbels, had long ago ceased publication … Imagine my surprise when a flood of images seemingly drawn from Der Stürmer’s archives appeared on campus at Stanford University, where I am a law student, as an advertisement for a talk by cartoonist Eli Valley, a cartoonist and the keynote speaker for Palestine Awareness Week (May 6 – 10) on campus, organized by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). When it comes to anti-Semitism and cartoons, what is old is new again.

… Let me be as clear as I can: the images are indefensible in any context. They are not justifiable, and they are not explainable. The sin is not against sensitivity. It is one of smearing a Jewish minority under attack here and abroad in the name of a skewed vision of a foreign conflict. SJP’s promise that “Eli’s knowledge and guidance” will ameliorate these facts is akin to entrusting fire safety to an arsonist. To apologize for the flyers but insist on continuing with the event is equal parts absurd and appalling.

Stanford’s Hillel chapter said that the acting Dean of Students, who joined a group of 30 student leaders to discuss the issue, “was with us during this conversation, would reach out to the Resident Fellows and staff right away to alert them to the concerns raised by our community.”

The College Fix noted of Hoffman, “He said SJP had apologized for sharing the cartoons ‘out of context’ in a Sunday message to a Stanford Jewish community listserv. SJP’s Facebook page makes no mention of an apology, and the Daily news section does not mention it.”

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