On Monday, Daily Wire writer and podcast host Matt Walsh sparked a pro-life rally in response to Democrat state Rep. Brian Sims proudly harassing women and young girls praying outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic over the weekend.

“Let’s organize a giant pro-life rally at the abortion clinic in Center City where [Brian Sims] has been harassing children and elderly women. Let’s see him come out and harass all of us. Retweet this and let’s get it organized,” posted Walsh. “I’ll be there, Brian. I’d be happy to have you come stick a camera in my face. Though I know you prefer to target women and children.”

Within hours, Walsh’s suggestion for pro-lifers to band together and stand up to Sims took off; other prominent pro-lifers signed-on to the idea, including big-name advocates like Abby Johnson of “Unplanned” and Live Action founder Lila Rose, and Ashley Garecht, who, along with her two young daughters, was targeted by Sims outside the clinic.

Here’s the finalized plan, per Walsh: “The rally is planned for 11 AM on Friday at the Planned Parenthood on 1144 Locust St in Philly. A bunch of different pro-life groups reached out to me minutes after I sent that original tweet and this all came together quickly. We invite [Brian Sims] to come with his camera!”

Johnson quickly responded to Walsh: “I’m down.” In a statement sent to The Daily Wire, the Planned Parenthood executive-turned-pro-life advocate called Sims a “bully” and invited the Democrat to come to the rally.

“Brian Sims is a bully, deliberating picking on people who cannot stand up to him, seeking identifying information on underage girls for who knows what reasons, and calling people horrible and offensive names online for everyone to see. It’s time for the prolife movement to show abortion supporters that their attempts to bully and berate us will not go unnoticed or unchecked. We will hold them accountable for their despicable behavior,” said Johnson. “No women’s rights organizations have condemned his hate speech or bullying of an elderly woman.”

“I invite Mr. Sims to have a conversation outside the very Planned Parenthood – I used to work for the organization for eight years so can answer any of his questions or claims – where he has incessantly harassed pro-lifers. Whatever he wants to talk about, I invite him to come on Friday morning,” she added.

Rose, one of the biggest names in pro-life advocacy, was also down with the idea. “On Friday at 11am, pro-life activists will gather at Planned Parenthood on 1144 Locust Street in PA to peacefully protest the violence & bullying of the abortion industry & its allies. We stand for the dignity & right to life of every human,” she wrote.

Garecht, who stepped in when Sims tried to dox her two teenage daughters and their friend with a bribe of $100, confirmed to The Daily Wire that she’ll be in attendance on Friday. Garecht and her family are sidewalk volunteers for that Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.

“My sincere hope is that real good can come from this crazy situation, that the pro-life union of Philadelphia would be able to raise significant funds to support their critical mission in Philadelphia as they try to support women and their children, especially the unborn, and help get out the word about options and alternatives to abortion that are available to mothers in Philadelphia and it’s five surrounding counties.” Garecht told The Daily Wire. A GoFundMe account certified by Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia has been set up in response to the event, which can be accessed here.

“I’m so grateful to Matt Walsh and Abby Johnson for bringing attention to this story and for coming to Philadelphia on Friday for a rally in support of the pro-life union of Philadelphia and in opposition to planned parenthood. I will be there and I hope that the intersection at 12th and Locust will be overwhelmed by supporters who care about Philadelphia and especially about Philadelphia’s mothers and their children,” added Garecht.

The Federalist’s Chad Felix Greene advertised the rally numerous times on his Twitter account. “This gay man and his husband are ready to stand right there with you Matt,” he wrote to Walsh, adding the hashtags #ProLife and #StandUptoBullies.

“Ticket is booked! See you there,” Blaze TV’s Graham Allen responded.

“Hey [Brian Sims]. Myself, [Matt Walsh], [Abby Johnson], [Lila Rose] and more would love to see you and your camera at your favorite [Planned Parenthood] building in Philly on Friday at 11AM. Since you won’t come to me sir…I will respectfully come to you!” wrote Graham, captioning a video of Sims harassing an elderly pro-life woman.

Conservative columnist and Ricochet editor Bethany S. Mandel announced she would be coming, too, and even offered a spot in her car for another D.C. inhabitant.

Catholic Vote’s Carly Hoilman signed-on, too.

“Okay [Matt Walsh],” said Pastor Greg Locke. “Ticket is booked. I’m there. Let’s roll Church. It’s time.”

As noted by Walsh on Tuesday, “it’s high time” pro-lifers “emerge from behind the screens and actually engage in three dimensions.”

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