Tuesday on Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio show, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway rejected 2016 Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s claim Donald Trump’s presidential election win wasn’t on the up-and-up.

Conway warned that Clinton was playing a “dangerous game,” particularly as she had warned against Trump making similar statements if he had lost that election.

“We got 304 electoral votes under her nose,” Conway explained. “She never saw it coming. Most people didn’t, and these media wrote these stories that Donald Trump had a 0% chance of winning. I’ve got all the stories clipped, and we’ll use them at some point. She knows she lost the election fairly and squarely because she was A) she was a candidate, she was overwhelming, excuse me, overestimated, underwhelming candidate who had this unbelievable fierce inability, intractable inability to connect with Americans. And contrast her to President Trump who as a candidate went out and said I’m here for the forgotten man and forgotten woman, and said exactly what he meant by that, Hugh, that people who were in the factories, factories that were closing, the people who were languishing in prison long after their jail sentences should have been finished, the people who were looking to get into…the folks who were being strangled by our regulatory scheme that was hurting small businesses and property owners and taxpayers and public school parents.”

“But when Hillary Clinton is out there claiming that the election was stolen from her where nobody told her not to go to Wisconsin or Michigan or Pennsylvania,” she continued. “Nobody told her to not have a good message. Nobody told her to be the second-most popular person in a two-person household. Ooh, that must really hurt every morning. She lost that election fairly and squarely. And when she says it was stolen from her to hoots and hollers by the audience, she’s playing a dangerous game, because after the October 19, 2016 debate when Candidate Trump was asked will you accept the election results, and he said I’ll let you know, I’ll keep you in suspense, and she said that is frightening. She tweeted out that’s democracy. And let’s just say that hasn’t aged well. None of it.”

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