Tim Ballard, CEO of Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing an end to child sex trafficking, joined Glenn Beck on Tuesday’s radio program via satellite from El Paso, Texas, to talk about the very real humanitarian crisis at our southern border.

“We’ve been all over the world and seen crises where children are being used and abused in the worst ways, and it’s happening right here in our country,” Tim said. “It’s the churches, the local communities who are running to help because our policies don’t support child rescue right now. In fact, our policies are incentivizing traffickers to utilize the system.”

Tim explained what is happening in 13 churches in the El Paso region — which are being overwhelmed with as many as 1,000 migrants a day — and their efforts to take on the sex traffickers and human smugglers without any support from the government.

“This is just a small group of Christian volunteers who are trying to play intel-analyst and rescue children on their own because the kids are just dumped on them,” he said.

Glenn asked what, if anything, Homeland Security or the Border Patrol could do the help under our current laws.

“They want to do something but the policies in place say that when [immigrants] come in, if they have a kid … you have to let them go right away. Twenty days max, but they can’t even wait the 20 days because the next 1,000 are coming in the next hour. They can’t do anything,” Tim said.

“Our laws are forcing them to just drop them off,” he added. “Fortunately, these churches are … doing the job that Congress won’t let [border agencies] do.

“These churches are busting at the seams and they need help,” Tim continued. “They need financial help to provide medicine for these children, for these abused women. They need food, and they need more manpower to do the vetting, to do the job that Congress isn’t doing to vet these kids and make sure they don’t get sent down the path to some sex trafficker.”

Sex trafficking is a very REAL crisis at the border


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