Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee voted Wednesday to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt because he refused to break the law and make the full report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller available to Congress.

To be sure, Barr is bound by the Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e), which prohibits the disclosure of grand jury material. He has placed a version of the Mueller report in a secured room on Capitol Hill and granted access to “congressional leaders of both parties, as well as the chairmen and ranking members of intelligence and judiciary committees in the House and Senate,” as reported by National Review.

But as NR wrote, none of the six Democrats given access to this version of the report have bothered to go and read it – for political reasons. Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) told NR’s John McCormack that they’re not going to view the 99.9% unredacted version because it would “lessen the case” for making that report available to all of Congress.

As NR notes, however, Democrats aren’t asking for “that version,” they’re demanding the 100% unredacted version, which includes the grand jury information protected by law and “millions of pages of underlying documentary evidence.”

So, how much of the report remains redacted when all but the grand jury information is concealed? According to NR, 2 full lines and 4 partial lines, two of which are in footnotes.

NR Columnist Andy McCarthy, who has been one of the most credible writers on the entire Trump-Russia collusion hoax, took to Twitter to explain the Democrats real goal.

“Top Dems Now Have Access to All But Two Full, Seven Partial Lines of Mueller’s Obstruction Report … but it’s never been about access; it’s about projecting illusion of cover-up,” McCarthy tweeted.

What Democrats really want is to go through Mueller’s evidence themselves, so they can cherry-pick information for their 22 investigations into President Donald Trump and impeach him or indict him. As Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro wrote on Wednesday, Democrats were “wildly disappointed with the results of the Mueller report, and can’t let it go.”

They have to now prove Mueller missed something or didn’t properly weigh some evidence to get an indictment, even though Mueller and his team were proven to be as anti-Trump as they could be. The idea that the special counsel didn’t do everything it could to nail Trump is ludicrous.

Democrats on the full Judiciary committee will vote next to hold Barr in contempt. Then the entire House will vote. With Democrats in control, Barr will likely be held in contempt — for following the law.

Naturally, Democrats felt differently on holding a sitting attorney general in contempt when that AG was Eric Holder of the Obama administration and the information he was withholding related to “Operation Fast and Furious,” a massive scandal wherein the Obama administration gave military-style firearms to members of Mexican drug cartels in order to track the guns returning to the U.S. As a result of this insane idea, U.S. federal agents were killed by the weapons provided to the cartels by our own government.

When Republicans demanded documents relating to this operation, Holder refused, and the GOP held him in contempt. At the time, Democrats said the move was “ridiculous” and that Holder was merely “protecting documents he was prohibited by law from producing,” The Daily Wire previously reported.

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