Believe it or not, a wildly popular children’s song has now made it into the marching cadence repertoire of at least one U.S. Army training unit.

Fair Warning: If you’ve so far managed to avoid the now-infamous ear worm that is “Baby Shark” and you don’t want risk getting it stuck in your head, then turn back now or simply don’t click play on the video embedded below.

Recent footage posted on the Augusta Chronicle’s YouTube channel shows some of America’s service personnel going about their routine while moving in-step to a children’s song that first hit the internet in 2016.

Baby Shark Cadence (Hiqh Quality)

Here you can see soldiers of the Army’s 551st Signal Battalion at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia, marching along to the tune while being led by SFC Lincoln Crisler.

“I was like, let’s do something kind of cool while still marching them that still keeps them in step and people wouldn’t expect it,” Crisler — who has served in the Army for 18 years — said in a story at Task & Purpose.

The 551st Signal Battalion is a training unit that “provides world class Advanced Individual Training to transform Soldiers into disciplined, physically fit, mentally prepared, technically, and tactically competent ‘Signal Warriors'” that handle communications for Army operations, according to a Department of Defense website.

The story explained that Crisler like to switch his cadences up so things don’t get too repetitive. He also said that the popular song follows the same time pattern as other marching cadences.

And his soldiers seem to enjoy the musical variety as well.

“It’s hard to keep a straight face but after a few times of us doing it we kind of got used to it,” Pvt. 2nd Class Parker Wallace told T&P. “He always has his unique cadences and they really bring everybody together, so we all got right on board.”

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