In the latest episode of BlazeTV’s ‘Pseudo-Intellectual,’ host Lauren Chen (known to her fans as Roaming Millennial) talked about the ugly antics of Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims (D) who made headlines by posting videos of himself confronting pro-life protesters outside of a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood.

Lauren shared a video of Sims, a 6-foot, 250-pound former lineman for Bloomsburg University, repeatedly harassing an elderly woman who appeared to be by herself saying the rosary in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic.

“These are the kind of attacks we can expect on Planned Parenthoods in the current administration,” narrates Sims, following the woman who continued to pray silently. “What you’re doing here is disgusting; this is wrong. You have no business being out here. Shame on you, ma’am!” he adds.

In a different video, Sims is seen heckling a group of young protesters who are “praying for the babies.” He calls them “pseudo-Christian [s]” and offers “100 dollars to anybody who will identify these three.”

“With an issue like abortion … the only way progress is ever going to be made is by changing people’s hearts and minds,” Lauren said. “And that’s just not going to get done by yelling at people or berating people.”

Catch the full conversation in the video below:

Brian Sims NON-APOLOGY to Pro-Life Protesters

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