All the Democrats’ threats subpoenas and votes for contempt are just payback for losing the election.

Lara Trump, senior adviser to the 2020 Trump campaign and wife of President Donald Trump’s son Eric, said on Fox News Thursday night that demanding Donald Trump Jr. testify before congress or face jail “is not going to make Hillary Clinton the president of the United States.”

Trump told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on his nightly program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” that the special counsel investigation into whether the 2016 Trump campaign colluded with Russia “is over,” and that Trump Jr. testified previously.

In September 2017, Trump Jr. testified before members of the Senate Judiciary Committee behind closed doors – for hours. He was asked repeatedly about the infamous Trump Tower meeting where he, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort met with alleged Russians (who actually had tied to Democrat opposition research firm Fusion GPS) to get “dirt” on Clinton. In the end, no “dirt” was provided, and the meeting – which now looks more like entrapment – resulted in nothing.

Now, nearly two years later, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) has sent a subpoena to Trump Jr., causing a rift in the Republican party. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), said Trump Jr. “ought to be put in jail” if he doesn’t comply with the subpoena.

Lara Trump scoffed at the notion.

“We know [collusion] did not happen,” she told Carlson. “Whatever they think they’re going to do is not going to change that. It’s not going to make Hillary Clinton the president of the United States like I know they all wanted so badly for so long.”

Trump added that she was “shocked and appalled” that Burr, a senator from her home state of North Carolina, would do such a thing.

“This is harassment of our family, harassment of the president,” she said.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller finished his investigation in March, finding no evidence of collusion and not enough evidence to recommend a charge of obstruction. Attorney General William Barr opted not to charge for obstruction, since the decision then fell to him.

Since then (and really, even before), Democrats have demanded to see the evidence for themselves, no doubt so that they can use it against President Trump and justify their continued discussions of impeachment. Democrats currently have around 22 investigations opened into Trump, his business, his finances, his campaign, and his family – all fishing expeditions to get back at him for winning the presidency over Clinton (and maybe even as revenge for leaving their party and becoming a Republican).

Trump won the election; Hillary Clinton did not. Trump’s presidency has been succeeding even with the Russian investigation looming over his head. Now he’s been cleared, and Democrats aren’t happy. Neither, it would appear, are some Republicans.

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