Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” conservative talker Mark Levin, author of “Unfreedom of the Press,” made the argument for a criminal grand jury to be impaneled and a special counsel to be appointed to “get to the bottom of” the events that led to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe based on allegations of Trump-Russia collusion.

Levin argued that if Democrats were going to use “Soviet tactics” against Republicans, it was up to Republicans to reciprocate.

SEAN HANNITY, “HANNITY” HOST: Joining us now with reaction to all of this Author of Unfreedom of the Press, which is coming out very soon, he hosts “Life, Liberty and Levin” right here on the Fox News Channel. Host of Levin TV, nationally syndicated radio. I call him “The Great One,” Mark Levin.

Mark, you used to be the – you work for Ed Meese, you were his Chief of Staff.


HANNITY: OK. You talked at length about the long-standing policy about indicting a sitting President. Barr said it had nothing to do with it. Barr said, “Mueller had no consideration to do with it.”

LEVIN: Right.

HANNITY: So, Comey, who we now know the FBI was informed fully about the dirty dossier. He signed the first FISA warrant. To me, he’s the one in legal jeopardy, ironically, and not the President.

LEVIN: All right. What ought to happen here is, there ought to be a grand jury impaneled. Comey should give testimony, McCabe should get testimony, Baker should get testimony, Strzok, Page – the whole cabal should be giving testimony. They should get a little bit of their own medicine.

We should have a criminal grand jury, and we should have either a Special Counsel or a United States Attorney take charge of this case and get to the bottom of it. Put these people under oath and let them get the Donald Trump treatment. We want all their documents, no privileges, nothing. Drag them in and maybe drag their kids in too.

But I wanted to talk about something else because Nancy Pelosi’s quite ubiquitous these days. She’s barely coherent. She is a constitutional illiterate, but that’s the person they chose the Speaker of the House.

And I got to thinking she’s very, very, rich. She’s a multimillionaire. I don’t really care about that. She has a husband. People don’t even know. His name is Paul Pelosi. He’s a San Francisco real estate developer. He’s a financial investor. Tell me how did the Pelosis make their money?

Tell me, who do they know, are there any foreign interests, have we seen their bank accounts, have we seen their tax returns, I’m curious? Because Nancy Pelosi, like Eva Peron today, she announced that, “We make the laws in the House of Representatives.”

And I need to remind the Speaker of the House — actually you don’t. You pass bills, and they’re not laws until they go through the Senate and the President signs them. That’s how the system works.

But I’d like to know about all their connections, how they got so rich. I really would.

What we have here is an attack on the President and an attack on his family. Collusion, Special Counsel, contempt, obstruction, constitutional crisis – I just started writing them down, impeachment, tax returns, bank accounts, they want – they’ve already leaked some of his tax information. They accuse him of campaign violations. They accuse him being a racist and anti-Semite, mentally unfit for office.

Let me tell you what’s going on here. The Democrat Party has hijacked the House of Representatives. This is an opposition research campaign. They’re working for whomever the Democrat nominee is. If they can impeach the President, they’ll impeach the President.

What they’re trying to do is, drive down his ratings to get them under 30% and then they’ll go for impeachment. Otherwise, they’ll act like he should be impeached. They’ll talk about a constitutional crisis. These are the talking points now.

They create the conflicts, they create the issues, they create the confrontation, they issue scores and scores of subpoenas, six committees – the Committee Chairman, as I speak, are meeting and dark in some shadowy room, trying to figure out how to bring down the President of the United States, how to embarrass him.

They go after his businesses. They go after his son. They go after his associates. They go after his counsel. They go after him. What is the purpose of all this? “Oh, well, we want to know if the IRS is working.”

Let me tell you a secret. The IRS isn’t working. It never works, so that’s not an issue. “Well, we want to make sure there isn’t any foreign collusion.” Great, then all you Members of the House and Senate, you cough up your tax returns and your bank accounts, so we can make sure you’re not in the back pocket of some third world country.

“Well, we just want to make sure our financial system works.” Well, let me tell you something that works. You don’t work. The debt is through the roof. Everybody can see through this.

And it’s not just the federal Democrats. Maryland and DC, the Democrats get together there, they bring a phony lawsuit, the emoluments clause, because the President has a hotel and foreigners stay there, so he must be making money on the side – such BS.

New York, state tax returns. “We’re going to pass a bill of attainder, which is federally unconstitutional. What is that? A law aimed at one citizen, the President. We’re going to turn his state tax returns over to Congress.

Let me tell you what’s going on. This is a Democrat Party cabal, trying to reverse the 2016 election, trying to disenfranchise 63 million voters, mostly Republicans, independents and some Democrats, led by a Speaker of the House from San Francisco, a Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee from New York, the Chairman of the Oversight Committee from Baltimore.

Three or four blue cities trying to change the course of this country, trying to reverse the course of the election. And let me tell, you they keep saying, “The American people want.” They don’t represent the American people. They keep saying they’re following the Constitution – they’re shredding the Constitution. They don’t even know what’s in the Constitution.

It is we who are standing up to this cabal, this rogue activity. It is we who are standing up for the Constitution. And let me tell you something–


LEVIN: –they are playing with political fire. There are tens of millions of people who are not going to stand for this, and they are going to vote, they’re going to become more active than ever before. And they are going to not only lose the presidency. They will lose the House. We will strengthen the Senate and then maybe, and they maybe will subpoena the hell out of them.

And they maybe will have special counsels against them, because if they want to use Soviet tactics against Republicans, then the only way the Democrats know to stop is if Soviet tactics are used against them. That’s it.

HANNITY: When’s the book out?

LEVIN: Book comes out May 21, people can pre-order it on or any of those sites and somewhere they–


LEVIN: It’s a very, very important book.

HANNITY: I get the first interview for that book. We have it arranged already, but we’ll make the announcement at the appropriate time. “Great One,” that’s why we call you “The Great One.” Congratulations my friend. Sunday nights 10 p.m., the #1 show on cable.

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