A Queensland man, now 49, was accused of raping a woman whom he had known and previously had sex with back in October 2017.

The couple met at a church event years before this alleged incident, The Daily Mail reported, and had sex on occasion throughout those years. On October 8, 2017, the woman invited the man over to her home after the two had a fight earlier that day. The man came over and the two had consensual sex. The next day, however, she called police and said the man had raped her.

The charges were finally dropped against the man, who will not be named by The Daily Wire, because the woman simply “forgot” she had invited him.

Crown Prosecutor Matthew Hynes withdrew the charges and told an Australian court that the woman suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and had a personality disorder. He said these disorders would lead the woman to engage in “incidences with men, whereby consensual sex can occur, she can transplant previous memories on to that.”

“She has a high-functioning alcoholism issue whereby she consumes a fair bit of alcohol every day, and that plays a part into her mental health and her mind and state and perception of things,” Hynes added. “It also plays a part in why she might forget things at times.”

The judge in the case, Catherine Muir, told the courtroom the accuser had a “false impression” of the incident.

The woman also claimed that prior to the sex, the accused man pushed her “backwards on to the couch, which hurt her back.” The man allegedly had “no recollection” of pushing her, according to his attorney Peter Nolan, but pleaded guilty to assault to “prevent the woman from having to face the witness box,” the Mail reported.

The accused man, despite being innocent, lost his job as an Uber driver as a result of the woman’s claims. He had no criminal history prior to this accusation.

This is what happens when we live in the era of #MeToo, where every accusation, no matter how thin or what the woman’s circumstances are, must be believed and every accused man must be taken through the system. This man was charged with rape because a mentally ill woman forgot she consented.

In another recent example, a man faced the court system after an abusive ex-girlfriend stalked him and then made up a false rape claim against him when he didn’t respond. He was the victim, yet he was treated as a perpetrator until the charges were finally dropped.

Perhaps the woman who forgot she consented needs mental health help, but many other women, who lie for vindictive reasons, are never punished for the harm they cause to innocent men. Or, in the rare instance they are criminally punished, they receive light sentences such as probation or a fine.

Until false accusations are taken seriously, they will continue, and when there’s a movement that seeks to paint due process as an impediment to justice, they will not just continue, but pick up.

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