Converse’s motto used to be “Keep it old school” — and people listened. They listened because the more new-fangled the sports shoe industry got, the more a pair of trusty Chuck Taylors stood the test of time.

Sure, a pair of Air Jordans were without question the Taj Mahal of footwear status as I grew up, garnering “oohs” and “aahs” from those who coveted but could not possess them. But for far cheaper, a canvas pair of Chucks still provided you with some solid street cred. Those old school kicks transcended the social divisions that can divide us.

However, after that brilliant American success story, Converse has decided to transcend common sense and decency.

And the spirit of the age progressivism has again revealed itself to be a cancer.

Converse has decided to feature an 11-year-old child drag queen as part of its latest ad campaign — a child who last year performed a dance number in full-drag with his parents’ permission at a New York City-based gay bar. In a faux strip routine for grown men who handed him dollar bills. They would’ve been arrested for this just a few years ago. Now these instances go viral.

The Converse campaign includes a picture of the boy — who by any civilized definition is being abused on multiple fronts — with the quote: “There is no normal.”

Converse isn’t forcing its “keeping it old school” motto into retirement but rather is it out back and shooting it in the head at close range.

But the shoe company isn’t alone in its Godless behavior.

The progressive “educators” over at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo have voted to kick notorious villain Chick-fil-A off campus for believing that men are men and women are women.

“We don’t sell pornography in the bookstore and we don’t have a Hooters on campus — we already pre-select those kind of things based on our existing values,” those in the service of demons said to the San Francisco Gate.

Somehow, I’ll bet they are just fine with Converse’s new child abuse campaign, though.

The fact that these two stories are breaking in the very same week is not mere coincidence, but providence. For when God removes His protective hand from human affairs, it cannot be said that He is no longer speaking. He’s actually speaking as loudly as ever.

With a whooping.

He is showing you the very lengths and depths that disorder and chaos will go to break the things that were once honored and foundational. There simply will be no tolerance for keeping it old school when God is hated as much as He is today. In fact, that old school must be burned to the ground.

The very nature of reality is an offense to those whose idols are the shiniest. That’s how chicken sandwiches can become the plague and child abuse a glorified hobby. We aren’t just staring into the abyss these days.

The abyss is staring at us and daring us to do something about it.

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