By Randy Thomasson

Pop quiz: How many pro-life Democrats are in the California State Legislature?

Answer: zero.

And how many California Democratic state legislators are against taxpayer funding of abortion, or for parental consent or notification of abortion? Zero again.

So it’s not surprising that Democrats – who comprise three-fourts of the California State Legislature – have in their lower house approved Planned Parenthood’s dream bill mandating an abortionist’s phone number on student ID cards.

The May 9 Assembly floor vote on AB 624 was 58 Democrats yes, 14 Republicans no, and 5 Republicans and 3 Democrats not voting. Just in time for Mother’s Day, it was an overwhelming “kill the unwanted babies” onslaught.

The latest version of AB 624 not only imposes this “call your abortionists first” mandate upon all “public” schools starting in seventh grade and all “public” colleges and universities, but also upon all “nonsectarian” (non-religious) private colleges and universities, including technical colleges and other post-secondary training schools.

If AB 624 becomes law, one or more of these private colleges should mount a constitutional challenge simply for the sake of their free speech – because the 2018 U.S. Supreme Court decision NIFLA v. Becerra prohibits government from compelling private organizations to support messages they disagreed with.

But neither the U.S. Constitution nor the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court matter to Planned Parenthood abortionists or their bought-and-owned politicians (all the 89 Democrats in the 120-member California State Legislature are loyal to Planned-Parenthood and vote for every pro-abortion bill). Serving the abortionists instead of the People, these Democrats want free advertising for new abortion customers as young as 12 years old.

This is why the Democratic backers of AB 624 have no problem forcing junior highs, high schools, and college and universities to print an abortionist’s phone number on student ID cards. They want to prevent loving parents from intervening to protect teenage girls from emotional and physical harm, or to save the life of the innocent, pre-born baby. Just call the lethal number on the back of your “new and improved” student ID card, and “get your booty” over to Planned Parenthood’s abortuary ASAP!

And what about religious schools, colleges, universities and seminaries? Under pressure, these have been exempted from the bill, including an exemption for all private schools grades 7 through 12, whether they’re religious or not.

While these amendments are of particular relief to parents of students at church-affiliated schools, stop and realize what’s happening. The pro-abortion Democratic legislators (and every single Democrat who was present and voting has voted yes for this awful bill) are forcing pro-abortion ads on the student ID cards of millions of children and young adults in California. They’ll be “walking billboards” for Planned Parenthood.

With an insatiable spirit of lust to murder unwanted babies, the text of AB 624 mandates the advertising of abortion (“student identification cards shall have printed on either side … A sexual or reproductive health hotline” – this is obvious code for Planned Parenthood abortionists) behind the backs of parents, teachers and school administrators.

And the bill’s justification? “Health,” the Democratic author and Planned Parenthood backers claim. Yeah, but how about thinking for a minute how abortion harms women’s health. Can we talk about the facts and evidence of post-abortive infections, bleeding, blood clots, cut or torn cervix, puncturing the wall of the uterus and a whole host of post-abortive negative emotions, including grief, depression, nightmares, sexual dysfunction, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, flashbacks, even suicide?

Of course, these Democratic politicians don’t want pre-teen and teenage girls and young women to hear these facts or be warned of the risks. What’s more, these cold-hearted servants of Planned Parenthood are in industrial-strength denial about every abortion stopping a beating heart and stopping already measurable brain waves. No, these girls and young women just can’t be allowed to know this!

So don’t thank the bill’s author or the other legislators who support AB 624 for exempting religious students from their radical pro-abortion bill. Call me a pessimist, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see pro-abortion legislators, in future years, “add back” religious schools, colleges, universities and seminaries.

In the meantime, if this extreme, pro-abortion bill passes the entire California Legislature this summer and is then signed by uber-liberal Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, millions of California girls, ages 12 through young 20s, will be indoctrinated that, in a crisis pregnancy, their first call should be to an abortionist, who will kill their child and damage their hearts for life. If only there were equal time for an adoption hotline too.

Are the anti-life Democratic politicians against any “unwanted” child living? Yes, that’s their dehumanizing, monstrous agenda, in line with Nazi Germany, Communist regimes and ISIS Islamic terrorists that reduce innocent people to objects to be used or discarded. Everyone should be afraid of this, because tomorrow, you could be next.

Randy Thomasson is a veteran pro-family leader and president of – Campaign for Children and Families – standing strong for moral virtues for the common good.

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