Relatable” host Allie Stuckey delivered a powerful message on Friday’s podcast regarding reproductive rights, abortion, and the new “standard” of morality in society today.

In this clip, Allie explained that when it comes to abortion, the mother is typically the only person who can save the baby. Who, ultimately, is going to stand up for the baby if the mother is not going to do that? If we have decided that no one else has the right to do it, then these vulnerable babies are defenseless.

Watch the full episode here.

This is what happens when society replaces the God of the Bible with the God of “Self,” Allie said.

“The only standard of morality is what you want, finding your true self, and finding your true happiness,” she said.

According to Allie, abortion has nothing to do with bodily autonomy or reproductive rights or health nor does it have to do with health-related concerns. It is about convenience and nothing more.

“There isn’t a nonviolent way to kill a baby in the womb,” Allie said, adding that the decision to have an abortion — in the vast majority of cases — is about convenience.

Allie backed up her statement, providing a list of the most common ways that abortions are performed. They include:

  • The abortion pill — the mother would take a pill that would effectively poison the baby and cause death
  • The injection method — the baby is injected with a chemical that causes the baby to have a heart attack and die.
  • The dilation and extraction method — the baby would be deprived of amniotic fluid then be dismembered with forceps.

“In order to embrace abortion, and whether you realize it or not, you have to become both brainless and heartless about abortion,” Allie concluded.

Watch the full episode here.

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