Last week, the news of Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims harassing an older woman protesting and praying outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic and his subsequent attempted doxxing of teenagers for doing the same took the internet by storm.

As it should have. Sims mocked religious people for opposing abortion and praying for the women at the Planned Parenthood clinic. He ridiculed teenagers for disagreeing with him and offered money for anyone who would reveal the teenagers’ identities.

You can read more in detail about the timeline of Sims’ actions here. Below is video of some of his harassment via Live Action:

Ironically, one pro-abortion argument is that men should not be involved in women making medical choices. Assuming that an abortion is a medical choice, apparently this “rule” only applies to pro-life men. If you’re male but pro-abortion, doxx and harass away. But I digress.

To say the least, Sims acted abhorrently and is clearly unfit to be an elected official.

Sims then posted a half-hearted “apology,” where he described his actions as activism, including spending “the last seven years serving as a volunteer patient escort” at the clinic, and claimed he’s “seen first hand the insults, the slurs the attacks and the racism those protesters direct at mostly young girls going there for clinic care… What I should have shown you in that video was protesters gathered together to pray at, not to silently pray for, people coming out of Planned Parenthood as they intercepted them and harassed them…”

“I will fiercely protect a woman’s right to make the best choices for her health & her body, unimpeded. I also know that two wrongs don’t make a right, especially on the front lines of a civil rights battle. I can do better, and I will do better, for the women of Pennsylvania,” he tweeted.

However, Sims provided no evidence of the alleged racism and harassment from pro-life demonstrators, and just so happened to leave out of his apology the words “I’m sorry.”

Sims is a bully, and has been treated as such. The Daily Wire’s own Matt Walsh, along with Live Action’s Lila Rose, former Planned Parenthood turned pro-life activist Abby Johnson and others, organized a rally on Friday in front of the Planned Parenthood facility where this occurred (pictured above). The rally drew more than 1,000 people, and by any metric was a massive success.

As a result, Sims has locked his Twitter account, and has basically gone into hiding, placing security outside his office and not speaking to any of his constituents. And, as expected, he was too cowardly to show up at the rally and stand up for what he apparently believes in.

This should be a lesson to all conservatives on how to deal with leftist bullies.

The Left, by nature, wants to control people. They do not want dialogue, they do not want mutual understanding, and they do not want civility. Their elected officials say it, and their base says it. How else do you explain Antifa harassing Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro whenever he tries to speak on a college campus? Or how Media Matters tries to bully advertisers from any Fox show that says something remotely disagreeable to them?

We conservatives can never afford to back down. We must always stand up to these leftist bullies who want nothing more than for us to be gone. We can’t be sitting ducks. We must always show our strength, and the story of Brian Sims’ apparent downfall is evidence of this.

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