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Can’t make this up … It’s “upfronts” week for television networks, where broadcasters highlight the upcoming fall season in an effort to secure advertisers. It’s one of the biggest events of the year for the television industry. So naturally, NBC News, in an apparent effort to fight the #FakeNews label, featured … Brian Williams?

In what TVNewser called a “roughly four minute” segment, the disgraced former “NBC Nightly News” anchor Williams was featured alongside other NBC News and MSNBC talent. If you’ve forgotten, Williams was demoted off of the flagship newscast for fabricating stories. He apologized and now appears on MSNBC.

Faced with growing distrust of the news media for pushing false and misleading stories that fit an agenda, NBC News chose to highlight someone it demoted for lying.

You can’t make this up.

Collusion never dies … Despite the special counsel Robert Mueller report finding no collusion, the media are still fixated on the Russian collusion narrative and still running cover for the deep-state actors that birthed it. Over the weekend, the Washington Post and CNN’s “Reliable Sources” tried to keep the flames burning.

First up is Aaron Blake’s article in the Post that tried to call out any attempts to get to the bottom of how the FBI investigation of a political campaign started. Titled “The GOP’s increasing embrace of Trump’s Russia conspiracy theory,” Blake’s article used the FBI general counsel at the time the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign to say that the investigation and how it started were all above board. Well, then, if one of the top FBI officials at the time tells us that the FBI is not corrupt, we have to believe him. Right?

Then, CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter had Carl Bernstein on his “Reliable Sources” television program to talk about the current state of the Trump presidency. Bernstein’s take: “Many Trump-related story lines are converging, all of them convoluted, but many pointing in the same direction toward presidential abuses of power.” Also, Bernstein said that Trump is the “most authoritarian president in our history.”

Maybe Bernstein doesn’t remember the internment of Japanese-Americans or even the use of tanks to attack a religious organization’s compound in Waco, Texas? Or even putting a man in jail for a video that you wanted to blame for the attack on the Benghazi compound? Chances are he does, and this is just more propaganda.

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