According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the genocidal Sunni sharia supremacist Muslim Brotherhood branch known as Hamas, which was democratically elected to lead the Gaza Strip after Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from there in 2005, is canceling classes in the Strip tomorrow to send children to violently riot and possibly “martyr” themselves against the Jewish state.

Such a lovely group Hamas is.

On Tuesday afternoon in the U.S., the IDF tweeted: “BREAKING: IDF intelligence can confirm that Hamas has cancelled schools in Gaza tomorrow in order to send the children to participate in violent riots against Israel.”

In a follow-up tweet, the IDF expressly called on Hamas to resist this awful tactic: “During the hours of the riots tomorrow, weather in #Gaza is expected to be around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat is a danger to children, who are susceptible to dehydration & heat-stroke. We call on Hamas to keep their children in school & not endanger them at the riots.”

Hamas has consistently staged protests at the Israel-Gaza border for much of the past calendar year. The extraordinarily cynical public relations strategy for the jihadist death cult is to incite civilians to launch incendiary devices into Israel and target Israeli military figures on the other side of the border so as to necessarily trigger a defensive Israeli response that might be picked up upon by a media outlet in a way that elicits sympathy for the Palestinian-Arab cause.

As former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. and present Knesset member Michael Oren wrote at in 2014: “Hamas knows that shocking images — some of them taken from the carnage in Syria and Iraq and even from Hollywood horror movies — inflame public opinion. Under mounting pressure, governments will endorse UN condemnations of Israel for war crimes. Hamas missiles [and personal riots] cannot destroy Israel, but international sanctions can tie its hands from deflecting them.”

And as Matti Friedman explained in a dazzling piece for The Atlantic later in 2014, Hamas’s utterly grotesque strategy necessarily also depends on a willfully complicit media: “Hamas’s strategy is to provoke a response from Israel by attacking from behind the cover of Palestinian civilians, thus drawing Israeli strikes that kill those civilians, and then to have the casualties filmed by one of the world’s largest press contingents, with the understanding that the resulting outrage abroad will blunt Israel’s response. This is a ruthless strategy, and an effective one. It is predicated on the cooperation of journalists.”

Why our hapless fourth estate is so complicit in furthering a jihadist group’s aims is anyone’s guess.

In a recent op-ed for The Daily Wire following the most recent barrage of indiscriminate Hamas rocket fire at Israeli civilian targets, I argued that Israel must soon commence a comprehensive land/air invasion to finally eviscerate Hamas once and for all:

From the perspective of American politics, the time to launch such an investigation is … right now. Because while the Jew-hating ignoramuses of the “international community” — best embodied by that wretched hive of Western values-hating scum and anti-Semitic villainy known as the United Nations — would inevitably howl and shriek regardless of any extended extra-territorial Israeli military operation, there can be no serious doubt that this, the most pro-Israel, pro-Jewish presidential administration in a century or more, would enthusiastically have Israel’s physical and proverbial back.

Israel simply cannot risk waiting until the eve of the 2020 presidential election — not with a menagerie of anti-Israel dunderheads competing for the nomination of what is an increasingly openly anti-Semitic Democratic Party. A comprehensive Gaza operation to root out and destroy Hamas simply must be commenced with Trump as president. There is no other choice.

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