A police officer in Texas has allegedly shot and killed a woman who may have reached for his taser during an altercation. In a video of the incident posted on Snapchat, the woman seems to say that she was pregnant.

What are the details?

The confrontation happened at 10:40 p.m. Monday in Baytown, Texas, near Houston.

A police officer, who has not been identified, tried to arrest a woman who had outstanding warrants. In a Facebook post, the Baytown Police Department said that the officer recognized the woman “from previous encounters.” The officer tased the woman at least once to subdue her.

According to Baytown PD Lt. Steve Dorris, as the officer was trying to handcuff the woman, she managed to get control of his taser and tase him with it.

The officer then shot the woman multiple times. At least one of these bullets hit her, fatally. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said they will be withholding the woman’s name until her family is notified.

The officer was also apparently wounded by his taser during the altercation. He has been placed on paid administrative leave.

What else?

During a video of the attack, the woman can be heard saying “I’m pregnant,” according to KHOU-TV, a Houston area station that reviewed the footage. In the video, the woman is also on the ground at the time that the gunshots are fired. According to The Associated Press, police said that they will determine whether she was pregnant during the autopsy.

KHOU has decided not to release the footage it has at this time due to its graphic content. This video was shot by a bystander. Dorris has said that in addition to this bystander video, there is likely also video from the officer’s bodycam.

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