Yet another Democrat has announced a candidacy for the party’s 2020 nomination. Some, like Joe Biden, create a big splash and immediately dominate the polls. Others, like Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, leave observers wondering who told them they should run.

Bullock officially announced his candidacy Tuesday, and kicked off his campaign with a thoroughly uninspiring campaign event. One of the lowlights of the announcement was the way he answered a simple question about his time as governor:

“What have you been proudest to achieve as governor?”

One would think Bullock, knowing he was running for president, would have his list of accomplishments and credentials ready to recite enthusiastically at a moment’s notice. Bullock, however, reacted as if no one had ever asked him such a perplexing question.

“Um…I am…happy that…hopefully my kids still know my most important job is being their dad,” Bullock began, after a noticeably long pause.

Bullock then began to qualify his answer by making it clear that it’s not always obvious how successful a governor has been right away.

“I think the things where—you know, as governor, it’s not like attorney general, where you know when you’ve won or lost a case. Sometimes, you won’t have impacts for years.”

After he struggled through those two warm-up sentences he finally began to list things that resembled gubernatorial accomplishments.

“But I know that 100,000 people in Montana have healthcare because of the work that we’ve done,” Bullock said. “I know that we’ve done more, to the earlier question, that we’ve done more to try to keep the outside influence of the dollars out of our elections so your voice matters as long as you vote, than some big corporate treasury company. I’m pleased that we have invested in education. I think that’s one of the great equalizers we have. I think another great equalizer is our public lands. We’ve protected those, so we’ll hand off that to you as well. So I guess those are a few of the things I’ve been pleased with.”

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