While speaking to CNBC’s John Harwood, House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) called Attorney General Bill Barr a “liar.”

When asked about Bill Barr saying there was no collusion, Nadler said, “Bill Barr is just a liar. And, he’s just representing the president.”

Nadler continued, “You could have two interpretations of Bill Barr’s motives. The less charitable interpretation is he’s doing whatever he has to do, to protect the president personally. And he’ll hide whatever he has to hide. Lied may be too strong a word, but he certainly misrepresented very strongly what was in the report. The more charitable interpretation is that he simply believes in the so-called unitary theory of government, and this tyrannical theory that any president cannot obstruct justice, that as long as he believes that he didn’t do anything wrong, he can stop an investigation, which is a terrible doctrine because it would mean that you can’t investigate any president for doing anything. And that he is acting now to protect that point of view.”

He added, “They’re both dangerous. One would have him being very dishonest. The other would have him being honest but very dangerous to the republic.”

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