A reporter with the Associated Press dismantled Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) false claim on Wednesday that “Republican men” are the ones responsible for leading the charge against abortion.

“Republican men are on a march toward overturning #RoeVWade,” Warren wrote in a tweet that also contained a video. “And thanks to Trump stacking the courts with anti-choice judges, they’re closer than ever. Women are scared, women are angry—and we have a right to be. If you’re an ally of women, now’s the time to make that clear.”

“The Alabama bill comes on the heels of restrictive abortion bills in Georgia and in Ohio,” Warren says in the video. “And in the Alabama bill, doctors could get 99 years in prison for performing abortions. Republican men are on the march to overturn Roe V. Wade and with Donald Trump stacking the courts in favor of judges who are opposed to abortion, that could be a real possibility. Women across this country are scared. Women are angry. If you support women, now is the time to make that known.”

AP reporter Meg Kinnard responded: “There are over 300,000 more female voters in South Carolina than there are men, yet South Carolina overwhelmingly elects candidates who oppose abortion. Regardless of how you stand on the issue, this ‘man vs. woman’ messaging is not based in fact or reality.”

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