Following President Donald Trump’s first 2020 campaign rally in the Florida Panhandle, three local radio stations have promised to broadcast the president’s speeches daily until the election ends, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Gulf Coast Media owner Samuel Rogatinsky told the newspaper that his stations WRBA-FM, WKNK-FM, and WASJ-FM will play two-minute snippets from Trump’s speeches “every hour of every day — perhaps sometimes twice an hour.”

The move came after Trump vowed to his supporters last week in Panama City that the government would send hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the region that’s still reeling from that Category 5 hurricane hit the area in October.

“No games, no gimmicks, no delays,” Trump said about sending aid. “We’re just doing it.”

Rogatinsky, a Fort Lauderdale-based attorney, formed Gulf Coast Media which purchased the three stations from Powell Broadcasting Company late last year. The stations were off the air for months because of the damage caused by Hurricane Michael.

What do listeners think about it?

Rogatinsky said that the station hasn’t received negative feedback from its listeners.

“We ran it by a bunch of listeners and people in the area, and nobody’s upset about it. It’s Republican territory,” Rogatinsky told the Orlando Sentinel. “Nobody’s offended by it. It’s not an issue.”

Many in the Panhandle-area said they felt hopeful that it would get help with its recovery efforts after Trump’s speech on May 8, according to the report.

The company acknowledged in a news release that it may seem unconventional to air Trump speeches on an hourly and daily basis.

“Gulf Coast Media, Inc. senior management acknowledged that broadcasting the President’s speeches may not be consistent with conventional commercial FM radio, but we have taken this approach to show the community’s sincere appreciation for President Donald Trump’s work in Panama City and Bay County,” the company wrote.

What about other candidates?

In accordance with the Federal Communications Commission’s equal time rules, Gulf Coast Media told MSN that the stations would offer similar airtime for other candidates if requested.

Rogatinsky said that he hopes it will lift the spirits of those in the community.

“Really, we just want to have inspirational type things because the community is so down,” he told the Sentinel. “Nobody else is really promising or doing anything. They want to hear what he has to say.”

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