A Texas bartender, Lindsey Glass, was arrested for serving a “regular customer” who later went on a deadly killing spree at his ex-wife’s home in September 2017. Glass faces up to one year in jail if convicted.

Glass’ attorney, Scott Palmer, joined Glenn Beck on Wednesday’s radio show to share Lindsey’s side of this tragic tale.

“The idea that this case should be the legacy of this horrible tragedy, that this is what we’re talking about now rather than the mental health, domestic abuse and the fact that this was a premeditated heinous crime that was going to happen regardless of where this man was drinking or not drinking, just is an insult to the memories of the seven people that were killed,” Palmer said.

Palmer noted that Glass did not know that the man was drunk, having only served him four drinks in about four hours, though she did observe that he was “acting strange.”

He noted that the killer was a “very adept drunk” who could easily “mask his intoxication and fool people into serving him.”

Based on a “bad feeling,” Glass did attempt to stop the man from leaving the bar, then called the bar manager and the owner to report his strange behavior.

Soon afterward, Glass and another bartender left to check on the man, who was a regular at the bar and a mutual acquaintance. They later called 911 after spotting his car in an alleyway behind his ex-wife’s house.

“If she hadn’t called 911, the SWAT team would not have been able to be there and more people would be dead,” Palmer said. “She did something extraordinary.”

Watch the video below for more details:

Passing the buck: What’s being pinned on this bartender will break your brain


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