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As expected … On Tuesday, the Alabama Senate passed the most restrictive abortion bill in the nation, making nearly all abortions illegal in the state from the moment of conception on. The bill is expected to be signed by Alabama’s governor amid hopes by legislators that it will set up a case at the Supreme Court to challenge Roe v. Wade. This has set off an immediate series of fireworks from media and Hollywood types.

The media has responded by having guests on to attack the bill and also, in the case of CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, to explain how to effectively protest against pro-life legislation. Hollywood, led by the sex-striking Alyssa Milano, is fighting back. Milano even said that every human on the planet is pro-life. Uh, say what? Then what are you “sex striking” for?

Here’s some of the reaction:

Mostly, the media and Left are ignoring that abortion kills human beings.

What fact-based reporting? … I just finished reading an advance copy of LevinTV host Mark Levin’s new book, “Unfreedom of the Press.” One of the areas that Levin covers is the history of how and why the media has morphed into the “Democratic Party-Press” by not reporting on news but making news to fit its narrative. The book comes out on Tuesday, May 21.

Just before the book’s launch, a study has come out bolstering Levin’s point. TheBlaze’s Chris Enloe reports on a new study that shows how the “media has shifted from fact-based reporting” and “now embraces advocacy and ’emotional appeals.'” The Rand Corporation took a look at electronic media over the past 30 years to show how this is true.

As Enloe reports, this is exactly how many conservatives have observed the media acting. In his book, Levin explains how this is all by design. The media is acting exactly like leftist propagandists.

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