(Daily Kos) — The enactment of Alabama’s abortion ban, leaving no exceptions for rape or incest, was a worst-case political scenario for national Republicans. The law—an overt attack on women, their civil rights, their personhood, and their basic healthcare needs—didn’t just drop in a vacuum. It was dropped into the middle of a raging war for America’s soul, its future, and its very existence that is being fought foremost by women.

It comes in the aftermath of the elevation of a sexual assaulter to the highest office in the land; three national women’s marches that drew out marchers by the millions, dwarfing attendance at the assaulter’s inauguration and making the tea party protests of 2009 look like child’s play; the #MeToo and #WhyIDidntReport movements that have swept through the entertainment industry, high-powered board rooms, and politics alike; a gut-wrenching Supreme Court nomination battle in which the assaulter nominated another assaulter who the GOP confirmed as the fifth anti-Roe vote to the nation’s high court. It comes after a midterm election in which a historic number of women ran for office, a historic number of women won office, and a historic number of women fled the Republican party to vote for Democrats by a nearly 20-point margin, close to doubling the GOP’s female voter deficit in 2016.

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