Actress and far-left activist Alyssa Milano encouraged her Twitter followers to flood Alabama state Senator Larry Stutts’s Twitter with their opposition to his decision to vote in favor of the state’s new law outlawing most abortions in his state.

“We need to make this thread go viral. Do your thing twitter,” Alyssa Milano said to her three and a half million followers, linking to a Twitter post from actress Heather Whaley who accused Stutts of loving “it when girls who have been raped by a family member are further tortured by being forced to carry their rapists baby.”

Twitter users rushed in and hit Senator Stutts’s account with vile personal attacks.

“Will Barfoot who’s Twitter handle is ironically wants women to sit down, shut up, and give birth to their rapists babies like the good lord intended,” Whaley said, linking to state Senator Will Barfoot.

“When Alabama’s gets upset he comforts himself with a pint of Rocky Road and thoughts of twelve year old girls giving birth to their half-siblings. Hi Cam. We see you,” Whaley later said of another Alabama lawmaker.

The tweet that kicked off the harassment was merely the latest act of aggression from Alyssa Milano, who has attempted to make herself the face of a far-left campaign to boycott the handful of states instituting abortion bans.

After launching a sex strike last week in protest of Georgia’s new abortion law, Milano told CNN host Chris Cuomo that she is “pro-life.”

“I don’t think there’s a human on the planet that’s not pro-life. Nobody wants to get an abortion. Nobody. We are all pro-life, but there are circumstances that we cannot avoid,” the Netflix star said. “There’s a mother’s health. There’s just not being ready and what that means financially and for someone’s destiny. This is an economic issue.”

On Thursday, actress and model Emily Ratajkowski went nude to show her support for abortion.

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