On Wednesday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” host Andrew Klavan discusses his recent speech at Stanford University before which some members of the faculty and administration expressed their dismay about him speaking on campus. Partial transcript and video below.

You know I want to say I’m still here in San Francisco Hotel Airport because I gave a speech at Stanford last night. I had a really good time. The kids, as always, were just… these conservative groups are so dedicated and so under the gun. They’re being persecuted by the administration. I told you yesterday that these two women in the administration, this is incredible. Normally this kind of stuff starts with some activist group protesting my appearance, or the speaker’s appearance, or whoever. But this time it was pretty quiet. I usually don’t attract many of the people, you know hysterics, because I’m calm, I listen to people, I want to hear what other people have to say, I don’t hate the left, I disagree with them. It just makes me a harder target for them to hit.

But this time, the administration went out of their way. Susie Brubaker-Cole, the Vice Provost of Student Affairs and Tiffany Steinwert, the Dean for Religious Life, put out this letter, I told you yesterday, not a letter, I guess a newsletter, that said they were so deeply disturbed that I was showing and that it was unacceptable the way this had been advertised. And they basically portrayed me as an anti-Muslim bigot. And they used that satire video J is for Jihad where I make fun of the idea that Jihad is actually a spiritual thing, not a violent thing, where in the Quran it is actually always about fighting the unbelievers. So I made fun of that in that. And that’s what they used to pin me as a Muslim hater basically.

And so I stood up and I just said, “Screw you, ladies.” I mean those were those my words. I said, “Screw you.” Because you know to paraphrase Elton John, “You can call me an old crank, but you can’t lie about me.” And I think when you call me a bigot when you say I’m a bigot, you’ve lost all right to civility, you’ve lost all right to conversation. I didn’t know that the two ladies were actually in the audience, I’ve now heard they were in the audience. I wish I had known because I would have happily said it directly to their face. I wish they’d stayed and spoken to me afterwards. But I was just explaining that there’s only free speech and speech allowed by power because once you start defining speech as hateful or unacceptable, it’s the powerful people that make those decisions. And the powerful people are going to protect their point of view and their positions of power. And that’s what these ladies were doing and it’s just wrong.

It is just wrong to deprive. To me it’s just like child abuse. Obviously, college kids aren’t kids anymore, they’re young adults. But still, a kind of abuse of young people, to teach them that conversation is off limits. When you’re in college you should be talking until 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, you should be arguing everything, and that they’re stripping them of this right is just shameful. It is just shameful. I am ashamed of these women. I am ashamed of them for them. Because I know they’re not ashamed.

And there was some, they started this, incited this, there’s no questions about it. The Left, whenever you criticize the Left, they say “oh you’re inciting violence.” I don’t mind being criticized; I don’t mind being argued with. But what I mind was the tone of this newsletter that said it was unacceptable. They had a right to do it, but it wasn’t right to do it. And I was really ticked off about it, I got to be honest with you. I was really annoyed. And I don’t get really annoyed all that often. But I really was.

And so anyway, I just want to repeat: Screw you ,ladies, and this administration should be cleaned out of people like that. They should all be tossed out on their ear, and free speech should be allowed to thrive. Especially at a place like Stanford that is supposedly a high-level institution.

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