Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire publicized the numerous violent and hateful messages he has receive in recent weeks for being pro-life, exposing a troubling level of vitriol behind the pro-abortion movement.

Walsh, who has long advocated for the rights of the unborn, has seen an uptick in hate messages as the abortion debate has escalated with laws loosening abortion restrictions in New York and Virginia, and laws restricting or banning abortion in Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri.

“I want to show you some of the absurdly and graphically violent messages, not only threatening me, but threatening and wishing death and rape on my wife and small children,” Walsh wrote Friday.

Particularly disturbing is the number of rape-related threats and messages Walsh received, a direct response to his belief that there should be no exceptions in the law allowing abortion in cases of rape.

“Speaking of questionable psychological states, this week I have been inundated with hate mail from abortion supporters who are upset in general about my pro-life views, and in particular that I have the gall to suggest that the children of rape victims should not be executed for the crimes of their fathers,” Walsh wrote.

Here are some of the messages Walsh received:

  • “I’ll rape your daughter and your wife then you tell me what you wanna do. You piece of shit…”
  • “Wish I could punch your dumbass face in you f****n mook I wish rape upon every female in your family so they are FORCED to have a child.”
  • “Hope you daughter gets raped g”
  • “I hope your wife and daughter are both brutally raped”
  • “You f*****g idiot!!!! I hope you get raped up the a**”
  • “I hope your dad rapes you so your opinion can be valid”

Walsh said this type of behavior more than just isolated incidents; it is a pattern he has encountered in his experience as a public advocate for the pro-life cause.

“This seems to be a pattern,” Walsh concluded. “Defile the altar of death upon which these people worship, and they will come after you with their fangs out. This is what abortion advocacy looks like with the mask off. An ugly, ugly creature indeed.”

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