On Thursday, President Trump gave a speech in the Rose Garden regarding his plans for immigration and border security.

During his speech, the president touched on several key aspects of his plan, including “investment in technology” in order to prevent the crossing of illegal substances, a “self-sustaining border security trust fund,” which “will be financed by the fees and revenues generated at the border crossings,” fixing the asylum laws as well as developing a more merit-based immigration system, and continuing to build the physical wall along the southern border.

Author and commentator Ann Coulter blasted the president as she live-tweeted his speech:

“What happened to the total immigration moratorium? We need a break!”

“Why are Republicans always so anxious to say they want to bring in MORE immigrants? ‘Screw you, voters – we prefer foreigners.'”

“The word ‘wall’ has not crossed the president’s lips, lambchop. Only BS euphemisms that mean ‘You’re Never Getting a Wall’ — e.g. ‘border security!'”

“Also, we want immigrants to compete with Chamber of Commerce lobbyists and the Koch Brothers.”

“One other thing we give immigrants: Preference over Americans in college admissions and government contracts.”

“If Democrats didn’t hate America so much, they’d attack Trump’s immigration bill as a gift to the Koch brothers.”

“Great that Trump wants language proficiency for immigrants. How about language proficiency for presidents? wall /wôl/ noun 1.a continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land.”

“If you become VERY proficient at English, @realDonaldTrump, someday you will understand the meaning of the word ‘WALL.'”

“MSM: Trump’s immigration bill does nothing about ‘Dreamers.’ No, doing ‘nothing,’ means they get to stay — and yet another year goes by with no enforcement against millions of illegal aliens.”

“NO WALL. KEEPS SAME MASSIVE LEVELS OF LEGAL IMMIGRATION. And this is the rube-bait campaign document, not even a serious bill.”

Notwithstanding the author’s criticisms pertaining to DREAMers, preferences, and an immigration “moratorium,” Coulter doesn’t seem to have heard President Trump’s line regarding the wall.

During his speech, the president said (emphasis added):

To make certain that we are constantly making the upgrades we need, our proposal creates a permanent and self-sustaining border security trust fund. This will be financed by the fees and revenues generated at the border crossings itself.

Importantly, we’re already building the wall, and we should have close to 400 miles built by the end of next year, and probably even more than that. It’s going up very rapidly. And I want to thank the Army Corps of Engineers. They’re doing a fantastic job on the wall. And that’s a wall that is desperately needed.

It’s unclear if Coulter’s criticism regarding the wall is due to a misunderstanding, or if she is simply troubled by the fact that Trump only mentioned the physical barrier briefly as part of a much larger plan.

In the past, Coulter was an ardent supporter of Trump, even writing a book, titled “In Trump We Trust.” However, as the first two years of Trump’s presidency passed with little progress on the wall – his signature issue during the campaign – Coulter began to sour on the president.

Speaking with The Wrap in December, Coulter blasted President Trump:

In the end, we’ll probably find out “wall” was Trump’s “safe word” with Stormy Daniels. It’s just something he blurts out whenever he’s in trouble…

His business is convincing people with lowbrow taste to give him their money. Either Trump never intended to build the wall and was scamming voters all along, or he has no idea how to get it done and zero interest in finding out.

You can read the president’s entire speech here, or watch it below:

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