“Slightly Offens*ve” host Elijah Schaffer headed to the Hollywood Walk of Fame to ask fellow Californians what they think about Georgia’s new abortion bill, which bans all abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, and Alabama’s new law that effectively bans all abortions.

“You guys are probably aware of all the crazy boycotts in Hollywood out here against Georgia and Alabama changing their abortion laws,” said Elijah to two young men he encountered.

Interestingly, the pair disagreed strongly. One repeated “a man cannot tell a woman what to do,” while the other said, “I don’t approve of killing babies.”

As the conversation grow more and more heated, two young women approached to weigh in on the abortion debate.

“I don’t want a baby. I’m already struggling to lose weight,” said one of the women.

“I don’t think a baby is a baby. It’s a parasite,” added the other.

They talked about Alabama’s recently passed abortion law, noting that rape victims cannot have an abortion under the new law.

“What if the baby is a rapist, too?” ask one of the women.

The conversation took an bizarre and unexpected turn when the woman suddenly announced, “I think if I saw a baby on the street in a trash can, I’d probably pick it up.”

The two women then compared abortion to euthanizing animals for “population control.”

Catch more of the worst abortion arguments of all time in the video below:

WORST Abor*ion Arguments of ALL TIME


You can find more from Elijah Schaffer on his YouTube channel Slightly Offens*ve.

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