An Oklahoma City woman displayed her throwing skills to a former employer this week, by hitting her boss with a billiard ball after being terminated for allegedly showing up to work intoxicated.

Police were not impressed and arrested the perpetrator for assault with a dangerous weapon.

What are the details?

Witnesses claim Ashley Priola, 26, arrived tipsy to her shift at the Red Dog Saloon, but her boss still allowed her to dance on the bar, KOKH-TV reported. After Priola fell off the stage twice, she was terminated by her employer for being drunk.

Apparently, Priola still had some of her faculties. The woman reacted by chucking billiard balls at the manager, and one of the orbs made contact with the victim’s face.

The suspect fled the scene but didn’t make it far. Law enforcement arrived and found her in a convenience store in the back room of the building.

Police gave Priola an involuntary lift in the back of a patrol car to the Oklahoma County Jail. En route, she allegedly freaked out.

According to Yahoo, the suspect became “hysterical and belligerent,” and offered the officers “all of her money” to take her home instead of the clink.

After the officers declined her offer, Priola reportedly had a screaming fit while banging her head against the window and trying to kick out the glass.

Anything else?

Priola made it to her destination safely, and was booked for assault and battery in addition to the assault with a dangerous weapon charge.

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